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i almost ran home in 2012.


2012 mileage

my year-end report!

this surprised me, actually. in the last three months of the year, i was approaching the mileage i had when i was in the midst of training for the derby half! obviously, no running in may through july (and really, august as well) due to ye olde surgery.

but, surgery and all, i got 612 miles in – almost the distance from my house in lexington to my house in new york! pretty cool.

i’ve decided the 2013 derby half is a go, and my training cycle officially begins on monday the 14th. it’ll be a 15-week cycle, with weekly mileage staying around the 20-mile mark. i ran today for the first time in a week, took it super-easy, and let my legs recall what that feels like.

i have something really pretty to show you guys but i need to take a picture and post a legitimate story with it. alas, right ow it’s late and i have an early morning and a full day ahead of me tomorrow. so i’ll have to keep you in suspense for a few days.  : )


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

5 thoughts on “i almost ran home in 2012.

  1. ahhh suspense!!! i am quite an impatient person ESPECIALLY when someone has a teaser like that one! can’t wait to see what you have to post!!!

  2. you have about 4389l5793 more enthusiasm than i do. and off topic…where did your facebook go???

    • hahahaha i have a lot of caffeine, which masks itself as enthusiasm!

      aah i keep meaning to write a post about my decision to delete my facebook. i’ve added that to my to-do list for the weekend!!

  3. and find your camera, girl! i wanna seeeeeee! haha

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