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newsfeed shmoozefeed (why i deleted my facebook).


over winter break i decided, somewhat suddenly and on a whim, to let go of my dear old facebook account. i spent less than a day considering it, and then just went ahead and deactivated. (and since i was doing this from my old, slow-as-a-snail DumbPhone, this was no small feat.) i’d say it’s been about three weeks, of me living a facebook-free life. here’s what i’ve learned.

  • my general frustration level has decreased tenfold. i found myself, whenever i cruised through facebook, getting increasingly annoyed. with everybody. even people who aren’t even remotely important enough in my life to cause that kind of aggravation.
  • not being “in the loop” really isn’t so bad. so i didn’t see the last fourteen dozen pictures of the child of somebody i went to high school with – i think i can continue on.
  • the people who matter, will stay in touch. i deleted my account before the one-year mark of my mom’s passing. had i still been connected, i’m sure i would have posted a status reflective of it, and i’m sure i would have gotten a hundred likes and comments. which is very lovely. but the handful of texts and calls that i got that weekend meant so much more. even without social media reminding them, some amazing friends sent me unsolicited love and support that day. i couldn’t ask for anything more.
  • i no longer feel pressure to be witty. or funny. or not-too-[insert adjective here]. there’s nothing more annoying than posting a funny/sarcastic/silly status, and having somebody take it seriously. totally kills the fun. now it doesn’t matter, because this is my only interwebz outlet, and i have zero plans to censor myself, as always.
  • but most importantly – i’m learning to be content with my own little victories and joys…by myself. without facebook at my fingertips to randomly blast the world with my new squat PR or the great run i had or how much fun i had teaching that day…i have to learn (re-learn!) to be content with keeping my joys private. or at the very least, sharing them with actually people, in person. it’s an adjustment. every now and then something will happen and i’ll immediately put it into the context of a facebook status, and then i have to remind myself that, no, jenn, facebook isn’t finding out about this. but that doesn’t make it any less special.

but most of all, i am infinitely proud that i was not “that” person who telegraphed their facebook departure for three weeks prior: “definitely getting rid of my facebook soon…who’s gonna miss me?!” “totally getting rid of facebook, such a waste of time!” “deleting my facebook in an hour, bye everyone!” …three hours later…”i guess nobody’s going to miss me!”…two days later…”decided to keep my facebook after all!”

just say no.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

8 thoughts on “newsfeed shmoozefeed (why i deleted my facebook).

  1. I was wondering where your facebook went! i always enjoyed your witty statuses because i too am fairly quick witted. take this time (as you have so far) to learn more about JENN. and i will always follow your blog hun!

    • aw thank you!! i initially figured it would be temporary, just until i got back to lexington and started normal life again. but i’ve been back for a week and haven’t been missing it…so maybe i’ll become one of those weird, facebook-less folks!

  2. Congatulations. You’re not alone.

  3. I found FB a black hole of time. Good for YOU!

  4. While reading this post, I was thinking about my own experience with facebook, and you reported that you since you’ve deleted it you’ve been less in the loop an annoyed with people. What’s funny is, I was thinking, “hmm, how come I’m not annoyed all the time” and I realized, I have a good portion of my “friends” hidden and I think I have more “likes” of races and fitness stuff and other stuff I like than I do friends and that’s a majority of my news feed! lol! Also, because of that, I”m still out of the loop. lol

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