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always learning. always growing. always lifting heavy things.

i’m cheating on running with heavy weights.

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but shhh, don’t tell!

i start my training cycle for the derby half marathon tomorrow. last year, i ran it in 1:42:52, injured and two weeks cold. so really, there’s no reason i can’t kick this course’s tailfeather in under 1:40:00 this spring.

i’m just finding it difficult to reconcile training with my new love of throwing heavy weights around. i know they can coexist; making a viable training plan is tough, though. starting tomorrow i do easy runs on mondays and thursdays, speedwork on wednesdays, and long runs on saturdays. i would also like to still squat 3x a week – twice heavy and one day of high volume – and do posterior chain work twice a week, plus benching twice and getting accessory work in.

sadly, i’m a full-time student and graduate assistant, NOT a full-time gym rat. damn.

in other news:

  • one of these days i will come to the realization that an entire box of annie’s mac & cheese does, indeed, contain multiple servings. today, however, was not that day.
  • buying store-brand faux nutella yesterday was the best decision i’ve made all week.
  • i squat about a bazillion (okay, 90) ATG reps today. open bar to warm up and then a pyramid from 75# up to singles at 115# and back down again. i could almost guarantee that my face was downright purple coming out of the hole on both singles, and on the final reps of some of my 105# triples, too. sexy.
  • i also benched. and my 95# sets felt good. really good. now if i would only stop being afraid of triple digits and just bench 100# and call it a day.
  • i’m out of splenda so i’m having coffee with creamer only, and it’s not as terrible as i anticipated.
  • tomorrow begins the first full week of teaching and classes, as well as my first week of training and the trial run of my new lifting schedule. if i am still standing on friday evening, it will be a miracle.

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impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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