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friday media bomb, yo.


happy beginning of the holiday weekend!!

i survived my first full week of classes/work/teaching/derby half training. my tempo run on wednesday nearly ended me, but i squat 125# ATG like a champ on thursday and my knee is holding up better than i could ask for. however, while i was doing deadlifts today, this happened:

deadlift injury

little bit of a callous tear. happened on my first single at 145#. got some bacitracin and a bandage, and then pulled my other two singles. because i felt strong and that was a PR and i was not letting up. see also: effing stubborn fool.

i’m a little bit obsessed with the classes i’m teaching. i just…god i love what i do. these kids make me smile, every damn day. even teaching at 5pm on a friday.

you may notice the band on my finger in the above photo. you know, once you get past the gnarly callous. note, this is my right hand and that is my middle finger. so no, not an engagement ring.

well, sort of.

right after my mom died, i had her engagement ring made into a pendant.

while i was home for thanksgiving, the chain broke. and so i found myself back at the jeweler in december, having the stone pulled back out of the pendant and put back into my mom’s original setting. which i had kept.


i can’t find my camera, which is why it’s taken me so long to post about this. photobooth does NOT do it justice.

and just in case you’re bored on this friday night and want to see what i do to earn my yoga teacher stripes…i’m now a youtube star – slash – yoga video ho. you can get your yoga on at home, with me and my chipmunk voice!

that’s probably the most i’ve written in a long time. now to grade, eat some foodstuffs, and get some much-anticipated sleep!


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

3 thoughts on “friday media bomb, yo.

  1. yay! now i can do yoga with the infamous wonderful yoga teacher [aka YOU]. =]

  2. i have been needing to access some of the things from my “toolbox” from treatment lately and thought of yoga. i did a meditation class at west hartford yoga and loved the studio BUT i cannot afford the fees there (or anywhere else for that matter). true life of a post college student. so i am sure i will be using your videos…havent checked them out yet but i am sure they are gonna be awesome.

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