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dear mother nature: you piss me off.


i swear mother nature creeps on my training schedule. it seems like every long run i have planned, there are freaking gale-force winds that day.

i had an 8-miler to do today (i love the first few weeks of training – low mileage to ease into things!) and there were 30 mph winds. i just…it was insane. i actually stopped at 6.5 miles in because my heart rate got into the 200s and my garmin was having a shit fit. because apparently it thought i was about to croak. i’m not sure i completely disagree.

but here i am, done and done. exhausted, but my first week of training is over:

Photo 57

seriously disgruntled. that was hell.

you know what else is funny? how i tweaked my hamstring stretching my quad. yea no…really though. my surgical hamstring is still way compromised from the graft, so after 8 miles of hills and hills and wind, following tons of deadlifts yesterday, when i kicked my foot towards my butt to grab my heel and stretch my quad…my hamstring rebelled. big time.

so i cussed a little bit and spazzed and then stretched and stretched some more.

Photo 60

neon kicks and a hammy stretch. it’s training time, indeed!

so long story short, i’m zonked. i finished my grading and made some homework answer keys this morning, and started reading through an article for my independent study. then i got home from said run, took the longest, hottest shower ever, and collapsed in a comfy chair in the dining room to eat and drink coffee and chat with my roomie. and it was glorious.

but now i guess is should be productive or something. road trip to panera? road trip to panera.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

9 thoughts on “dear mother nature: you piss me off.

  1. You’re not made out of sugar – are you..? 🙂 Keep it up…

    • hahaha not the last time i checked!! : ) and thanks – first week of the training cycle is always the challenge!

      • hi jenn…
        the correct answer would have been… not in all places… 🙂
        that is true – I am already in my nearly 3rd week so I have all that getting ready stuff behind me… you doing well so just keep it up… happy running

      • thanks! i usually find week 7 to be the toughest, mentally – just long enough in for the excitement to have died down, but still a good while to go before the race. but as long as the weather cooperates, i’ll be a happy runner!

      • Well in the end… it is only weather… I recall running during lightning… that was kinda weird…

  2. Mother nature always finds the best times to throw you some curve balls… I had 30 mph mile cross winds on some of my long rides this past month. Definitely ended up cutting most of them short and put my bike on the trainer for the rest…

  3. I started marathon training too!!!!! I had an 8 miler this weekend as well!! Also, do you like those shoes??

    • i’m obsessed with them haha. i was a die hard brooks girl, but i didn’t like the ravenna 3s at all, so i tried on the saucony guide 6s and fell in love. the heel cushioning is insanely comfy. i have a turquoise pair that i rotate out with these guys. i would totally recommend trying them on the next time you’re shoe shopping!

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