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::awkward wave::

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hi, my name is jenn, and tomorrow i will not leave the power rack for about an hour.

good thing we have three of them. and that at 6am, ain’t nobody gon’ care.

but really though. training tomorrow involves warm-up cardio (oh, the angst!), and then high rep, low weight back squats, push presses (which i need to be doing in a power rack because my sorry butt does NOT need to be cleaning the 50# short bar off the ground. injury in the making. power rack = bar is already at chest level. WIN.), and an attempt at front squats. because (a) front squats, (b) they’re great for core stability, and (c) i’m getting highly impatient with my surgical leg’s stunted growth. i know it’s getting stronger – i single-leg pressed 2×10 at 110# today – but i’m still not making the gains i’d like to be.

so…front squats, dudes.

in other news…i deadlifted three singles at 155# today. i think it’s because i deadlift in neon green and turquoise chucks. you can’t lift in neon sneakers and not be a badass.

i had chicken stew from panera for dinner tonight and it was alllll the deliciousness.


no, this is not my actual bowl. i jacked the photo from the interwebz. however, the stew does indeed come with a cheesy biscuit floating on top. and it’s glorious.

my hip flexors are still sore from yesterday’s squats. hoping they’re happier tomorrow morning – much foam rolling awaits!!



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impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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