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change your grip; change your life.


a slightly grandiose title, but i felt that way this morning.

you see, in my spare time (aka when i’m avoiding doing my work), i like to watch lifting videos. mostly i watch weightlifting, since i think oly lifts are the most terrifyingly bad-ass things out there, but i also like to watch videos and read articles about the lifts i actually perform on a regular basis. lately i’ve been scrounging around devouring deadlift literature and media.

in doing so, i realized that one of the reasons my hands were being torn to shreds was possibly that my grip was too wide on the bar. i’m so used to gripping at a particular spot when i bench, and a very similar spot when i back squat, that i just popped my hands there for my deadlift.

so today when i set up my bar – i warm up pulling 95# or a few sets of five – i dropped my arms straight down and gripped much narrower than normal. deep breath, drove through the heels…the friggin thing flew off the platform.

after three sets of five i thought, ‘okay cool. on to 115#.’ set up with my new grip…again, the bar felt like it weighed about 85#. three sets of five, easy. and my hands weren’t sore, nor was my grip even CLOSE to fatiguing.

on went the 45s, and i set up again. i’ve always repped triples at 135#…but i’ll be damned, i set up and pulled three sets of five, no problem.

i did triples at 155# – last week i was barely grinding out singles at that weight. and then i pulled three really freaking solid singles at 175#.

not one callous tore, my grip never gave out, and i was freaking floating. when i pulled the first single, after i put the bar back down i legitimately skipped over the damn thing and did a little boogie. i was that excited.

as i pulled the third one, one of my trainer friends, who was putting some bumper plates back, straight-up applauded and said, ‘nice! do work!’ LOL.

in summation: this post had zero point except that i’m excited. and that twenty people witnessed a random chick in neon green chucks doing a self-victory dance at 7:15am.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

5 thoughts on “change your grip; change your life.

  1. Not trying to be smirky but gloves will accomplish your goal. Maybe try one hand over and one hand under for balance and a good grip as well. The chick in neon chucks will have them in awe again. Great job with the weight and determination! 🙂

    • my roommate has been telling me for weeks to just go get some gloves haha. i just don’t feel like i can feel the bar enough with them on though – which clearly is the point haha, but they have just never felt good for me. also, i think i might try and alternating grip once i start pulling closer to 200#. i’m super-wary of getting trap unevenness though. so far the hook grip has been serving me well – we’ll see if i stick with it! : )

      • Try the gloves and you’ll never look back. they will help tons. I can appreciate the trap unevenness. You could always rotate the grips. In the end the gloves make all the difference. And they will help with all your exercises. -Yea, sorry I missed the victory dance too. Keep up your great work!

  2. i know NOTHING about lifting weights but YOU GO GIRL! and i can kind of picture that self victory dance in the neon chucks! i am all about the self victory dances

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