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thoughts in a list.


  • i need to put gas in my car. i’m almost not sure i’ll make it to the gas station haha. whomp.
  • early bird registration for the derby half marathon ends tomorrow. which means i need to put on my big girl pants and register.
  • i also just found out about a 10-miler being held near me in march. it’s super-cheap (only $35) until february 8th, so i’m really tempted to register and run it as a tune-up for the derb. i’ve never run a competitive 10-miler before – i think it would be a fun distance!
  • tempo run this morning. died. one mile warm-up, three miles tempo (goal pace of 7:33), one mile cool-down. which became…one mile warm-up (9:30ish), two miles tempo (7:40 and 7:32), quarter-mile walk to prevent collapse and certain death, third mile tempo (7:30), three-quarters of a mile high-incline walking because i just didn’t feel like running any more haha. i hate tempo runs. and i also hate that i can’t run them like i could pre-op. more on this later.
  • i also did four pull-ups in one set and didn’t fall or embarrass myself. and i officially only like parallel-grip pull-ups. but i suppose i’ll keep doing other grips just because.
  • ditching my chucks, while devastating, seems to be helping with my tendonitis already. it was only slightly noticeable while i was hauling my ass through training this morning. although when i foam rolled, i’m pretty sure i yelled and cussed out loud.
  • my left hip flexor is still being turd-like. supposed to squat tomorrow. hmph.
  • i forgot and extra sports bra today so i taught my yoga class in my racerback instructor tank top and a regular bra. classy. at least it was nude-colored and not bright pink or some shit.
  • did this have a point? i don’t think so.

Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

8 thoughts on “thoughts in a list.

  1. funny…. just one of those days 🙂

  2. Sorry I’ve been so absent. I had to take this mandatory vacay for 72-hours that turned into more like 2 weeks. Guess who tore her left meniscus? This freak of nature! So of course you came to mind every time I tried to move from a wheelchair to a bed. I was like, “If Jenn can do this, I can damn well… nope I can’t. Jenn’s awesome.” Anyways, I missed reading your blog. And I did watch a lot of your power yoga video. You do NOT sound like Alvin, Simon -or- Theodore. :oP ♥

    • Wow, emoticon fail.

    • aaaaaah so good to hear from you!!! ugh i’m SO sorry about your knee though – i can completely commiserate! and it’s zero fun, ick. here’s to hoping you heal quickly!! ❤

      • I have to see an orthopedic surgeon (you know the drill) to see if it just needs to be braced or operated on. I don’t know if my left leg is going to be too compliant with one more surgery. What gets me is I have no clue whatsoever how in the hell I could have done this. I am usually sitting. LOL

  3. NOT THE CHUCKS!!! NOoooooOOOO! (P.S go for the 10 miler! Sounds fun!)

    • i’m the saddest EVER! i’m glad i realized it now though – i was about four minutes away from buying a tangerine-colored pair of chuck high-tops that happen to be on clearance right now haha.

      i think i’m going to register! it should be a fun race. : )

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