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this has been a post.

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some random thoughts as i head to bed. yes, at 10pm on a friday. judge away.

firstly, we got snow last night. a whole inch. which meant the entirety of fayette county had a shit fit. the university was closed until 10am. which is when i teach my first class. which meant no morning lift for me. i was super-bummed. but then a funny thing happened: i spent the entire day bouncing around excitedly, waiting for the second i finished teaching (6pm) to go deadlift.

which made me think. i honestly don’t do this because i feel like i “should” or that i “have to.” i actually, honest-to-goodness love it. i couldn’t wait to get myself to the gym to lift.

and then i descended upon the 630pm bro-hour, and had to huffily dodge people and wait for racks to open up and all of the shit i avoid by going to the gym at 6am.

but whatever works, i pulled 40 reps at my 70%ish weight plus a little bit of work a bit heavier. did some front squats and push presses and derpy calf raises. and now i’m home and cuddled under blankets and about to go to bed.

i’m on lockdown this weekend, though, seriously. long run tomorrow (in the snow. awesome), awesome long lift on sunday plus teaching…and in between and around, i am up to my ears in grading and coursework and lesson plans and this damn presentation. no play. my play is running in my pink shoes and throwing heavy things around.

yea…this has been a post.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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