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i give it a ten.

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after being snowed out last weekend, i finally got my 10-miler in this weekend. my training schedule had me on running deload this week – all easy 4-milers – but i substituted today’s supposed-4 with the 10 i had planned to run last saturday before mother nature intervened.

i’m beat.

the weather was actually perfection – low 40s, barely any wind. my hands were frozen until about 1.3 miles in, and then i was comfy as could be. i had to scrounge for an extra 2 miles to tack on to my out-and-back which is an even eight. and of course my explorations led me through the hilliest crap i could have chosen. nothing like blowing your splits on the back half.

training goal pace was 9:00; i ran 8:25. still undercutting – and i had suuuuper positive splits due to the hills – and it remains frustrating. garmin has a “compare” feature, and when i looked at today’s time compared to two other 10-milers i’ve done post-op, this one was the slowest. and i need to keep reminding myself it’s not because i’m getting slower, nor is it because i gained weight or because i’ve lost my edge. it’s because i’m making a conscious decision to lay back and get my body used to staying in an aerobic state for longer periods of time.

and because i’m trying to avoid injury or burn-out. that too.

after i iced, stretched, and showered, i went to the grocery store because i was out of pretty much everything important. and i literally wandered up and down the aisles aimlessly, bouncing from ravenous to thirsty to “i kind of want to curl up in my cart and take a nap.” which is par for the course for me after anything over eight or nine miles. i ended up leaving with just the necessities, and now i’m sprawled on my bed pathetically attempting to be productive.

but of course, i’m blogging instead.

oh and i bought this:


and it’s amazing.


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impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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