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that time i had a tumblr…

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outside of facebook, tumblr is the single best way to procrastinate. i made mine about two years ago. i thought it was the greatest thing ever – i found yogis, runners, people in recovery…i would scroll through my dash and find dozens of pictures and quotes, of beautiful asana and kick-ass runners and inspiration for days. and GIFs of the cutest damn hedgehogs and smush-face kittens and red pandas a girl could ever ask for.

but tumblr’s funny. the nature of the interface isn’t blogging, per se. not in the sense of some of the long, well-thought-out and neatly hyper-linked posts i see here (i’m not including myself in that descriptor, by the by. we all know i just come on here and word vomit a few times a week). instead, it’s about quick responses, reblogs of photos, verbal snapshots.

i have also found that tumblr breeds some of the most obnoxious human beings i have ever encountered in the blogosphere.

now we, as humans, all have opinions. i have them, you have them…it’s the way the world works. i, for instance, think that asics running shoes are the devil; that mayo is grotesque unless it’s in tuna; that nude lipstick looks absurd; and that taylor swift is the most overrated artist on the air. however…i generally keep these to myself, because really, who gives a crap? i don’t run in asics any more, i only eat mayo if i’m making tuna, i definitely don’t wear nude lipstick, and when TS comes on the radio i change the station.

problem solved.

yet during my time on tumblr, it seemed like nearly everybody had a case of I’M RIGHT AND YOU’RE WRONG HOW CAN ANYBODY BE THAT STUPID OH MY F*CKING GOD.

and in the fitness communities on tumblr…well, forget it. powerlifters don’t like oly lifters and everybody hates on crossfit and nobody likes runners either and it’s just a big cluster-eff. what i can’t understand is…why do you care what other people are doing?! in the words of the glorious jenna marbles: “you need to worry about your g*ddamn self.”

you think crossfit sucks? then don’t join a box. you think that runners are weak because they don’t squat 300#? don’t train for a race. nobody will miss you.

you think your programming/diet/right pinky toe is better than everybody else’s? cool story. NOBODY GIVES A SHIT.

we’re all on tumblr/blogspot/wordpress. blogging about our lives. NONE OF US ARE COOL.

deal with it.


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impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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