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sh!t’s about to get real.

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i’m leaving tomorrow afternoon for indiana, for the IU Graduate Theory Symposium. i’ll be giving my paper – a snapshot of my master’s thesis – at the 2pm session on saturday.

i guess this means i’m somewhat of an academic. and that i’ve somehow tricked people into thinking i’m smarter than the average bear.

and then they’ll meet me and i’ll laugh once – it only takes one time – and my academic allure will come crumbling down to the tune of my cackle.

but seriously. i’m a wreck. i did a run-through of my presentation for one of my faculty members and he was very pleased with it. and he’s a genius, so that assuaged some fears. now i just need to stay calm and not be a spaz and not stutter when i get up there. because saying “interval identification” and “statistically significant” three million and two times in the span of twenty minutes is challenging as hell, let me tell ya.

but in way more interesting news – aka training – my legs are slightly dead from yesterday’s tempo run and all of my new PT homework. i shuffled my lifting schedule around a bit and did volume deadlifts and volume bench today, plus some chest and back accessory work. for my DLs i increased my 5×8 weight to 130# this week. it was hard but good. pulled 3×3 at 150# too just for giggles. and bench i kept my 5×8 at 80#, then 3×5 at 90#. tried that last week and failed the last rep of the third set of 70# – that high-volume, short rest period thing is no joke. form felt really solid today though and these were perfectly challenging.

it’ll be weird to have saturday completely run-and-lift-free. but i think it’ll be a nice chance to recharge. i’ll be doing my 10-miler on sunday when i get back, and not touching a barbell again till monday.

but monday will bring me a 190# deadlift. i hope. it better, man.



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impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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