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since i know you all miss me…

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…i queued up a post to run in my absence! most considerate blogger award pour moi!

but since i really have nothing of substance to write about, i thought i would give you a run-down of the random oddities that pop into my head throughout the course of any given day. here we go:

  1. i love the look of powder eyeliner – the color is more saturated than pencil – but i hate that it gets all the eff over my face no matter how careful i am. as a result i’ve been leaning towards liquid liner lately since it’s so fast and easy. but wearing black eyeliner when i’m also wearing brown pants weirds me out.
  2. one of these days i will learn to properly do my makeup. like, two shades of foundation, contouring, highlighting, all that fancy pants stuff. until then, i guess i’ll just have to look like somebody who is only marginally put-together.
  3. i think my deadlift calluses are awesome.
  4. i get really uncomfortable when people talk ‘numbers’ to me. i guess it’s a hold-over from treatment, where number talk was verboten. but as soon as somebody starts talking about calories, i mentally shut down. self-protective or being a bitch? you decide.
  5. there are currently three containers of hummus (2 roasted garlic and 1 roasted pine nut) and three containers of cottage cheese on my shelf in the fridge.  i also have three jars of peanut butter in my pantry cabinet. i like to have back-up. just in case.
  6. i had a coupon for a free luna fiber bar. it was not yummy. and who the hell decided on the flavor “strawberry peanut butter?!” separately, delicious. but together? it reminded me of that thanksgiving episode of friends where rachel got the cookbook pages stuck together and made a beef/ladyfinger layered tart thing. beef? good. ladyfingers? good. together? “it tastes like feet!”
  7. speaking of feet, my PT was making fun of mine on tuesday. they’re funny-looking. plus they’re quite large for somebody my height. i was destined to look awkward.

i hope everybody has a lovely weekend!


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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