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a box of chocolates post.


  • caramel chew: wednesday is speedwork. this week was mile repeats. 3 x 1600 with 800 jogs in between. warm-up and cool-down gave me six miles total. goal pace for the 1600s was 7:04. i was on a fancy shmancy new treadmill – cool – whose belt timing was drastically different from my ole reliable dinosaur treadmill – not so cool. so i spent the first two 1600s derping around trying to figure out where the hell my 7:04 actually was, since my garmin-reported pace is always extremely different from the treadmill-reported pace. end result being my splits were all between three and ten seconds too slow. lamesauce. but despite this workout being hard as hell…i muscled through and felt like a beast afterward.
  • cashew cluster: monday brought me a 195# deadlift. on tired legs that had run a 10-miler the day before. that’s just nuts.
  • cherry cordial: my PT did soft tissue work on my hip flexor tuesday. which involved getting the sh!t scraped out of my hip socket with something resembling a dwarfed ice scraper. and while, yes, my hip felt a million times better and pain-free afterward…i now have a grapefruit-sized bruise that looks like a brown-green watercolor splash. why a cherry cordial? because while it felt good for a quick second…it was way too much of a good thing.
  • vermont fudge: i talked to my dissertation advisor about how burnt out i feel. she immediately came up with some ideas to help me feel (a) motivated and excited, (b) less like i’m going to fail at life, and (c) more like myself (aka the person who really likes being in this field). the sweetest.
  • the chocolate messenger boy: the w-2 that my dad mailed me three weeks ago, which we assumed had been lost in the mail, suddenly and randomly arrived. three weeks to go from daytona to lexington. and it arrived looking like it had been brought via carrier pigeon in a monsoon.
  • toffee chip: this one is my favorite. you know what else is my favorite? laughing. and smiling. and just generally feeling happy. and i have this week. a lot. it’s divine.




Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

7 thoughts on “a box of chocolates post.

  1. Clever post! Toffee chip is my favorite too.

    • thanks! and yes, they’re the greatest. every now and again i remember that i can buy a heath bar and it’s the same thing…but there’s something about getting the toffee chip out of the sampler box that’s way more fun!

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