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friday fog.


i always come home friday evenings with the intention of doing a bit of work before i crash. and then i inevitably realize that i’m completely brain-drained from the week, so i shall just derp around in the interwebz and try again tomorrow.

really, though, this has been a stellar week. i feel like, after talking with my advisor, that my energy is re-focused. i have a plan for the summer, i have some paper topics that will be good sellers for conference time in the fall, i’m genuinely excited to be here and continuing with this degree.

plus, i got my mop fixed today. my hairdresser is amazing (shout out to planet salon, for any lexington-ites!) and i adore her. she also decided that she will only charge me for a men’s haircut for the next three or so visits, since we’re only doing what she called “mullet maintenance.” that was super-nice of her, and it saved me a decent amount of money. and my mullet has been maintenanced!

feb 22 2013

i need to chill with the funny faces. do we see the lines i’ve got goin’ on??

and since it’s friday, here’s a funny conversation that occurred in the 5pm written theory class i teach –

student: jenn, when’s your birthday?
me: may.
student: may what?
me: may 20th.
student: and you’ll be…20?
me: nooooo, i’m turning 29.
student: SHUT UP. you don’t look a day over…
three students at once: TWELVE.

and there we have it, folks. it’s friday, i apparently have found the fountain of youth, and this week has been full of awesome.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

4 thoughts on “friday fog.

  1. I’ll be 29 on May 18th..Keep goin with the funny faces. You get lines from frowns too!

  2. I turned 30 last month. A few days later I got ask for ID for alcohol! This happens often. x

    • haha i got weird side looks when i walked into the liquor store yesterday – like i was somewhere i wasn’t allowed to be! sadly they didn’t have the beer i wanted so i didn’t get the satisfaction of showing them my ID haha.

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