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it’s monday! here’s some random chatter.


  • i decided to forgo my gung-ho attempt at a 200# deadlift by the end of the month (which is thursday). i do my heavy DLs on mondays, and i just worked up to heavy triples today, with 10# added to each tier of my progression. so i pulled 3 sets of triples at 165#, back stayed flat, form felt good. then i dropped the weight way down and did a bunch of deficit lifts.
  • i benched a new PR yesterday. 110# for a double (really?!) and then a single. the first rep felt so damn light i got excited and tried for a second. and even though i got it up, it was some ugly stuff haha.
  • i have aquaphor on two of my calluses right now because they’re torn and hurt like hell.
  • i was DB pressing in PT today to try and figure out some pain triggers. pre-press conversation went like this:
    • PT: what do you normally shoulder press?
    • me: 25s.
    • PT: in each hand?!
    • me: mhm.
    • PT: seated?
    • me: standing.
    • PT: …well damn.
  • things like that make me chuckle.
  • if you haven’t tried this yet, you need to:2013_AppleBottleGlasslarge
  • i may have had one tonight because i was so excited my roommate found them (it’s a seasonal flavor that has been flying off the shelves around here). and i may have gotten kind of drunk off of it. on a monday night. and one beer.
  • i have the other five sitting on my bedroom floor and it is going to take all of my willpower to not drink them until after the 10-miler next saturday.
  • my post yesterday got a ton of traffic. if any of them come back today they will be sorely disappointed – i’m not always so insightful. most of the time i just throw heavy things around and, apparently, get drunk on a monday night off apple beer.
  • i’m going to go now because i’m sounding more and more idiotic the more i type.

Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

2 thoughts on “it’s monday! here’s some random chatter.

  1. 25#’s? Well damn girl! Yes, Shock top is the bomb, one of my favs along with its older cousin Blue Moon. similar to wine, both are great with food

    • i really like blue moon, and that’s what made my roomie think i would like shock top. and he was right! i hope they do their pumpkin beer in the fall again, i would love to try it.

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