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i’ve had my coffee and oatmeal; now i’m civil.

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i feel asleep at 8:37 last night. well, that’s the last time i remember glancing at the clock. i had my alarm set for five this morning and don’t even remember shutting it off. next thing i knew, it was a quarter to seven and the sun was starting to peek out.

i slept for ten hours. and it was glorious.

i got out of bed and i graded for an hour, submitted midterm grades for one of my classes, and am now doing research for my independent study course. pandora radio has been awesome, all morning – mussorgsky (although did i really need “night on bald mountain” twice in an hour, guys?), philip glass (i’m obsessed with his string stuff. it’s fierce), a bach orchestral suite, and some bizet, copland, and gershwin. and dvorak 5 just came on. a good day.

i have an 11-miler booked for today. since i ran 8 miles of hills instead of a 10-mile steady last weekend, and this is my last long before next weekend’s race, i suppose i should actually go as planned. it’s only supposed to be about 35 degrees today, with moderate wind to boot. so to say i’m not looking forward to freezing my ass off – again – is an understatement of epic proportions. it’s supposed to start warming up late next week. hopefully for good. because this is getting old.

i’m still feeling frustrated after yesterday’s lift. with the exception of my DLs. so i think to make myself feel better and less like i’m floundering, i’m going to really meticulously map out my lifts for the next week. it’s the last week before break, i’m on a running de-load, and it’ll be nice to have a very specific plan and a sensible split.

according to these guys, i’m pretty much on track with my maxes. the DL one is actually right on. i’m too much of a baby to even attempt benching 120# haha – the double at 110# was scary enough! but since i’m on a running de-load next week in prep for saturday’s race, i think it’ll be nice to focus on lifts and hopefully not want to punch somebody in the nose.

this has been a post of little importance. i run in 2.5 hours. here’s to hoping i make it in one piece.



Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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