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always learning. always growing. always lifting heavy things.

tick-tock goes my goal clock.


the past two days i have planned out my lifts very specifically. which has been nice to assuage my anxiety, for starters, but also to help me feel less scattered and more focused on my two main strength goals: 135# bench by summer and 200# deadlift soon. very soon.

sunday i worked towards a max bench. got a double at 110#. failed my attempt at 115#. the very nice brosef who was spotting me was awesome, too – he waited till the last possible second to take the bar because we both thought i had it. came down with tons of control, got it up but it got stuck in the dead zone about six inches off my chest. and stayed there. aaaaaand stayed there. so close!!

i’ve been making ridiculous gains on bench lately. mostly because i’m pushing myself harder, planning more meticulously, and not being afraid to fail. putting another 25# on by the end of summer shouldn’t be too much of a stretch if i continue this way. i’m hoping to push 115# sometime next week!

i worked up to heavy singles on my deadlift today. two singles at 175# came up suuuuper smooth – nice flat back, felt really good. tough, but good. then 185# – it was actually about four inches off the ground before i realized it was in motion haha. guess that was a smooth pull! so i decided to try 195# again – i had pulled it for a single two weeks ago, but it was super-ugly. i felt like i was just pushing to make a 200# pull by the end of february to say i had done it, but i wanted to focus on form and safety more. so for the past two weeks i’ve been just working up to heavy triples, doing deficits once a week, and concentrating on form.

195# came up nice and slow, but smooth and with ten times better form than last week.


my hands are wrecked. calluses upon calluses. and thanks to squatting, leg pressing, and doing goblet squats out the wazoo yesterday, plus deads and a run today, i’m pretty sure my glutes are in revolt.

i also wore a halter top today and realized that my shoulders and traps make me look kind of like an upside-down triangle in that cut of top…so no more of them for me haha. not a good look.

five days till the railrunner. light front squats tomorrow, but no leg work for the rest of the week. (which means no deadlifts on friday – sob.) i’m fully prepared to get my ass handed to me at the race. i would love to run it in 1:15:00-ish, but that might be a stretch, even if i were on non-post-op legs. i’ll be content with anything under 1:20:00. it’s a flat course, so all of these billy goat hills i train on should give me some good staying power.

feeling excited. strong, and excited. and a little triangle-shaped.



Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

4 thoughts on “tick-tock goes my goal clock.

  1. Your lifts are really improving. I’d love to lift more that way but find myself insecure and uneducated. I end up staying with dumb bells for my deadlift squats and arms. I use an assist machine when lifting with a bar. Yeah..I’m a chicken. A strong chicken. Mha ha

    • hahahaha : ) i spent a LOT of time reading about and watching videos of lifts before i attempted them. if i was smart i would have just asked one of the trainers at the gym to show me things…but i’m super-stubborn! i still do a lot of dumbbell work too though, to try and at least pretend my strength is balanced on the two sides! : )

  2. Ms. Jenn…why don’t you get yourself some weightlifting gloves? no more calluses. No more blisters. You will look back and think, “What was I thinking?”. Never mind…I will just send you some. c/o Railrunner. PS..great work with your weight progress!

    • my PT said the same thing! i don’t know, i really like feeling the bar in my hands – i tried a few lifts wearing my friend’s gloves and it felt weird to me – although it definitely saved me from losing skin, so i guess it’s a trade-off! and thank you – i’m having tons of fun! : )

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