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is it spring break yet?


it’s about that time. only two and a half more days until spring break, yet i’m barely going to make it. for no other reason than everybody is pissing me off.

my morning class is driving me apeshit. and they’re an awesome group – really smart and some good foundational training, probably the brightest class i’ve ever taught – but i’m at the end of my rope with some of them. (that awkward moment when half of them probably read this stupid thing.)

i just need the week off to re-group and get my patience-o-meter back to full.

it effing snowed last night. and now it’s damn cold. yet it’s apparently supposed to be in the high fifties on saturday for the race. go home, kentucky; you’re drunk.

needless to say, i did my miles on the hamster wheel this morning. my plan called for five; i did three. i’m dropping my mileage big time in prep for this race. still on the fence about what i’m going to do tomorrow – usually i take two days off before a long race. so i may just take tomorrow off and eat all the carbs!

i walked a mile in the freezing cold to teach a yoga class and then walked a mile back. i want to go get coffee but it’s too cold to go back outside.

Photo 72

this is how i feel about that. i haven’t had a speedway coffee in a long time and it makes me the saddest. side note: rockin’ the UK campus recreation tank! go see more of me reppin’ UKCR here!

in summation: i want coffee. i need spring break. and i should probably put a sweatshirt on since it’s freaking cold outside.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

7 thoughts on “is it spring break yet?

  1. LOVE the statement “kentucky. go home. youre drunk” thats how i feel about new england a lot

  2. My spring break is the last week in march. I can not wait. I’ve already started planning what I’m going to do with my free time from night school!

    • girl…i am so excited. i’m racing on saturday; sunday would have been my mom’s birthday, so i’m taking that day to do whatever i want/no schoolwork haha. during my week off i DO have a ton of work to do…but it’ll be nice to be able to lift and train in the morning and then do work on my own time.

  3. Sounds like you need a latitude adjustment. It will all be over soon….:)

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