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it’s almost that time!

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it’s the friday before spring break. so far, here’s what has gone down today:

  • i woke up after eleven – yes, eleven – hours of sleep feeling only marginally less like i have the plague.
  • ever the creature of habit, i ate my oatmeal and defrosted the car and headed to the gym.
  • i did some super-sluggish “i have the plague” cardio. then i started lifting. strength was fine – DB pressed 30s for a set of 5(!) – but my lats were being obnoxiously painful again so i just gave up. stretched and foam rolled for about 20 minutes and got int he shower. an hour earlier than normal.
  • since i had an hour to kill, i got gas and then bought twizzlers for tomorrow’s race and cookies for my class. (see, i’m not THAT terrible. even though i’m giving them an exam at 5pm the day before break.)
  • i started to feel like a human again. this is a plus.
  • taught at 10am. changed. taught yoga at noon.
  • now i’m sitting here waiting to give my class their exam…and panicking about tomorrow’s race while i kill time.¬†because:
    • i’m going to get my ass handed to me.
    • this is the longest race i’ve run since my surgery.
    • i always panic before races.
    • it’s going to be that weird temperature where it’s kind of too cold for shorts but kind of too warm for tights. which makes me panic more.
    • did i mention i’m going to get my ass handed to me?
    • oh, and i have the plague.

my plan for the rest of the day, then: give exam at five. go home. eat mac and cheese and drink lots of water. make a playlist for the race. synch my ipod and charge my garmin. set five alarms. be in bed around 9:30.

by this time tomorrow i will either be very relieved or very disgruntled, and i will definitely have some blisters and black-toe. and with any luck my stomach will allow for some apple beer in celebration of doctoral spring break #1/3!


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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