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deadlifts and deadlines.

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i gave myself until 5pm to be unfocused and surf the interwebs until it’s back to working on my evaluation project. so of course i’m going to blog about my fascinating day.

first off – i updated my running page with a photo from saturday’s race. but really…i always look either miserable (which, okay, in this case i was) or, in an attempt to combat the default misery face, i do something ridiculous and then just look stupid. (scroll up to the derby half photo for proof.)

that gentleman next to me was my favorite person of the day. he was ever so slightly ahead of me from miles 4-7. part of that was the 2.2-mile runway, and out-and-back where the back half had some headwind. so i was lazy and dropped behind him and caught his draft/let him shield me. he got way ahead of me when i made my 9375 water/gatorade/pity party stops from miles 7-9.5, and then i caught back up to him with a half mile to go.

i had put precisely enough music on my playlist to take me through 1:20:00 of running; sadly, i was going slow as hell so my playlist dropped out with about a half mile left. i crested this nasty hill and there was my pal, just as my music dropped out. and as i popped up on his left shoulder, he turned and said, “well hello again!” and gave me a big smile. i wheezed a greeting back, and he said, “home stretch! look, we can see the finish line!”

and then for the next four tenths of a mile he chattered along, little encouragements and exclamations of how close we were. with no music to push me along, i had somehow managed to stumble upon the most wonderful impromptu running buddy i could have asked for.

we crossed the finish line together – it was a rather small race, and scanning through the finish line photos not many people finished simultaneously like that – and as soon as we crossed he threw his arm around my waist and gave me a squeeze.

i have no idea who this man was, but he picked me up and carried me across that finish line in every way except the literal sense. those five minutes running with him made the entire 10-mile disaster worthwhile.

and in reference to the second half of today’s title: despite still being somewhat plague-ridden, i moseyed my way into the gym this morning with intent to deadlift, just like every other monday. i was not, however, planning on maxing.

welp, some things just happen. one of my friends was working floor this morning, and he pulled over a plyo box to teasingly gawk while i was doing my 5x140s. then i pulled a single at 175 and another at 190 – at which point he said he was sufficiently freaked out haha. so i popped on ten more pounds and instructed him to yell at me if it looked like i was going to fail my rep.

it was ugly and i probably ramped the last few inches, but that bad boy came off the ground. 200# deadlift in the books.



Photo 74

now with 12 minutes left of my planned procrastination, i’m going to make some coffee and try to detangle the cat from my hair. because she is definitely sitting on my neck, chewing on it. my hair, not my neck.


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impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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