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confessions of a hulu-holic.


i don’t watch a lot of television.

okay, i don’t watch any television.

but the one thing i do watch is tv-via-hulu. more specifically, i have a closet addiction to the biggest loser.

even more specifically, every wednesday evening i park myself in bed with my laptop and watch the most recent episode of the biggest loser. some weeks i plan my next morning’s lift while i watch. one particular week i satisfied my craving for strawberry frosted pop-tarts.

every single week, i cry at least once.

i have now given you all three separate and relevant reasons to judge me: (1) i watch the biggest loser; (2) i watch it while ironically eating strawberry frosted pop-tarts; and (3) i inevitably cry while watching the biggest loser.

well i already planned my lift – tomorrow is high-rep bench in the 85% range, plus lots of accessory bench work on incline, some pull-ups and wall balls, and since i can’t squat, some derpy dumbbell lunges.

i wasn’t craving pop-tarts this week (although i kind of am now that’s i’ve mentioned it!) so i have none.

instead, imma show you the spoils of my day!

Photo 77

exhibit a: black toe. i’ve actually had this particular bruised toe for a while – normally i get black toe after a race or a particularly good/intense speed session. this one was born by dropping a 45# bumper plate on my toe a while back…but it got significantly more randy after my tempo run this morning. whatever, it was an awesome run and i’m determined to do work at the derb next month.

Photo 78

exhibit b: blue watercolor compression shorts. 8$ courtesy of marshall’s. totally wearing these to lift tomorrow morning.

Photo 77

exhibit c: a bright pink sports bra. because i need some new ones, and because i love bright colors. also, i had to go up a size because a small can no longer contain my lats. not sure how to take that.

and for the record…i cried no fewer than six times while watching the biggest loser and making this post.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

2 thoughts on “confessions of a hulu-holic.

  1. Has anyone ever told you that you need larger running shoes? That’s why your toe gets like that after hard runs. Mine used to do the same thing, the exact same toe. They told me to buy running shoes a size larger than your regular shoes to allow for it to expand when you run. …accordingly I now wear wide shoes all the time. Is that arthritis behind your big toe? My knuckle there is twice the size of the other. The foot Dr. says that is what it is. ~ from Mr Good News! Larger lats are a good thing!

    • haha yes to all! i wear a 9.5 in runners, 8.5 regularly – i’ve tried 10s and they slide off my heel. i bet a 9.75 would fit perfectly haha. before i went to a real running store with people who know things, i was running in shoes that were my everyday shoe size – my feet were a disaster! that’s actually my pretty foot, too – my left one has an insane bone spur on the side that my cousin has dubbed “elephant-itis.”

      i actually had no toe pain after the railrunner. but that could be because i ran slowly and walked a lot. i have never tried a size 10 in this particular model,though, so i might go to the running store this weekend and give them a whirl!

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