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significance in numbers.


every now and again something will happen and i’ll think; “i should write a blog post about this.” but it’s always something small and somewhat insignificant, and i never get around to it. but today i have decided to compile a handful of those small and insignificant things to create a mid-sized, slightly more significant post.

insignificant thought #1. it’s safe to say that anybody who works in retail has probably, on at least one occasion in their lives, been the buyer. more specifically, they have at some time received change for a purchase. which is why it baffles me to no end that NOBODY had EVER realized that, when giving change back to a customer, give them the coins first. coins first, straight into their hand, then the bills and receipt. when you give them the paper first, nine times out of ten the coins proceed to slide down the chute of bills and receipt paper and land all the eff over the counter. seriously though, this procedure should be a part of cashier orientations everywhere.

insignificant thought #2. this is a concept i’ll refer to as “the alternate merge.” when, say, a line of traffic is moving through and another line of cars is waiting (i’m from new york and this happens a lot in construction zones on the highway – the highway traffic itself is moving slowly and the exit ramp is often at a dead stop with people waiting to join the party), you practice The Alternate Merge. each person allows one car in. one car. per person. which means that, no, sir, you may NOT attach yourself to the ass bumper of the car in front of you and expect me to let you both in. wait you hot damn turn, you will enter the highway in another 7.2 seconds. just play by the rules and nobody has to hear any colorful language or honking horns. The Alternate Merge. just do it.

insignificant thought #3. being that i’m a runner and i also travel by foot quite a lot during the day around campus and the area, i absolutely admit that some pedestrians are assholes. they think they possess a no-holds-barred “right of way” that extends waaaay beyond the crosswalk when they have the little blue flashing man. yet that being said…when it’s pouring outside, or snowing, or balls effing cold…would it kill you, anonymous motorist, to slow down and let that student carrying seventeen textbooks and an umbrella cross the street? it’s campus and we have a speed limit of about 10mph anyway – how far would you have gone in the five seconds it took you to stop? and besides – you’re in a nice climate controlled and dry car; this poor bastard is freezing their ass off and/or getting soaked.

i feel like this will be an ongoing list. which, rather than “insignificant thoughts,” could be titled “things that piss jenn off.” but, really, same difference.

i also PRed my bench today – 115#, came up really smooth. and i drank powerade while i was lifting to try and get some electrolytes back after yesterday’s violent illness debacle.

back to real life/class/work/4:45am wake-up tomorrow. i also have my last appointment with dr. surgeon-man. i think this is supposed to be my 1-year appointment. so why i’m having it at 10 1/2 months is beyond me.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

2 thoughts on “significance in numbers.

  1. Street signs in New Zealand actually say “Merge Like a Zip.” Law-enforced alternate merge ftw!

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