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random, but:


is anyone else’s dashboard being weird? and by “being weird” i mean…not working? did wordpress get hacked? lol. but really.

also, since i’m here – i somehow seriously misjudged the amount of milk i had left and had nowhere near enough for a glass of milk with my oatmeal this morning. it was 5am on my first monday after break. talk about rage.

and it’s a complete washout here. like, rain upon rain upon rain. i hope it lets up in the next 20 minutes so i don’t have to walk through it to go teach…but i just heard thunder so i’m gonna go ahead and say it probably won’t.

in summation: wordpress is broken, i had insufficient milk, and it’s raining like hell.

EDIT: it’s fine now…??


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

4 thoughts on “random, but:

  1. I’ve still got problems on mine… seems it’s a site-wide problem.

    By the way, totally understand your milk dilemma. I can’t go without my morning coffee and never drink it black… so if there’s no milk, there’s rage. Not Hulk-level rage, but still not insignificant 😉

    • so weird! mine was odd for a few minutes, and by the time i made that post it was back to normal.

      yea i normally am protective of my routines, but the morning routine i’m EXTRA married to – i’ve only been awake for 15 minutes and all i want is oatmeal and milk, man! : )

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