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get busy livin’.


first week back after spring break hit me like a bus, as always. highlights:

–> i picked out my courses for next term (we register next week). a chamber music lit class, a seminar on the songs of liszt, and a seminar on rhythm & meter studies. i’m going to drown in work, but damn those are some good classes.

–> this is the first week of my training cycle with of a five-day running split. M-Th are consecutive running days, with rest days on either end of my saturday long run. thus today was Day 4 of consecutive runs, and besides some nagging tendonitis, i feel good!

–> yesterday’s speedwork consisted of three rounds of mile repeats: one mile at goal pace (7:00), half-mile jog. add in warm-up and cool-down and it was six miles total work. my repeat splits were 6:45, 6:45, 6:48. who am i. i know they were on a treadmill, but i have never run sub-7:00 miles before, so i was pretty excited.

–> i have a ton of work to do this weekend. which means i need to not get semi-rhabdo again on saturday.

–> to make sure of that, i have been drinking powerade zero like crazy because (a) it’s on super-duper-sale this week,  (b) i’m terrible at staying hydrated, and (c) unless i’m running or singing, i hate water. so 32 oz. of powerade zero per day will hopefully keep me more hydrated to begin with. and maybe i won’t spend saturday afternoon/evening curled up and spasming.

–> i’ve had a lot on my mind lately and not enough time to write it down or sort it out. it’s frustrating.

–> my bench was crap today but my squats are finally starting to feel solid. i’ll take what i can get. and tomorrow’s deadlift day – my favorite day!


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

2 thoughts on “get busy livin’.

  1. I’m sitting here eating a donut somebody just brought me while I read about your running schedule. Dang I need to be running like you are! Congrats on you rtreadmill work! I find it harder to do good times on the mill. I gotta guess what ever was on your mid was distracting you in your benches, right? Have a good weekend Jenn! stay out of the wind this weekend.

    • aw man, now i want donuts!! wish i had read this before i left work, i would have gotten one on the way home! : ) i think mile repeats are easier for me on the hamster wheel (although i’ve never tried them on land!) but anything other than speedwork is torture and feels a LOT tougher than road mile. happy weekend to you, too!!

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