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a few days ago i made this post about random thoughts that pop into my head that make good tumblr-like mini-thoughts. welp i thought of another one: the idea of personal space when in public showers.

i shower at the gym five mornings a week. we have eight standard showers and one handicapped shower. between every two showers is a tiled partition wall that extends completely to the floor; those showers that don’t have the tiled wall have a solid partition that stops about eighteen inches from the ground.

so when you’re in any given shower, you have a full, to-the-floor wall on one side, and a demi-wall on the other side.

now. i understand that when there are 4+ people showering, and you’re the fifth person entering, you’re going to be next to somebody. that’s basic math. however (and this is where my thought/rant/peculiarity of the day comes in) when there is only ONE other person showering, and you have SEVEN shower stalls to choose from…why would you pick the one right next to that other lone person? furthermore, why would you choose to use the shower on the other side of their partition (aka NOT on the other side of the full wall)?!

you’re creeping precariously close to personal space just by the fact that you’re neighbor-showering when you have six other options. plus, to add insult to injury, now your water shrapnel and suds are invading into my homey little public shower cocoon of attempted privacy. because that 18-inch gap between the partition and the floor is more than enough room for us to inadvertently share spray.

this is my thought for the day.

i’m also making monday a full lower body work day for the next 6 weeks (until the derby), and so i had an easy run today and then squats and deadlifts, and then dumbbell split squats and wall balls. now my legs want to fall off and i’m kicking myself for not having brought powerade zero and four extra sandwiches to campus with me.

i’m strangely glad it’s the work week again. i love my colleagues’ and professors’ energies, and i find myself just generally happier when i’m around them and my students. so while i’m highly displeased by the fact that it’s snowing (again. and it’s almost april.) and cold (still. in almost-april.), i’m enjoying today because it’s full of some of my favorite people, and they’re just what i need to remind me what’s important in life.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

6 thoughts on “addendum.

  1. I can’t stand it when people do that with treadmills or ellipticals, let alone a shower. There’s all this space, why do they find it necessary to crowd the single other person in the vicinity? Great random thought 🙂

    • YES. i was thinking about that with equipment too! i feel like i need to work on my “angry face” and maybe it will deter people from coming around haha.

  2. that’s is so perplexing, isn’t it? I read an explanation about that…. somethimg like it’s about security and companionship….

  3. I don’t mind grabbng a treadmill beside you if it has the fan above it that I like but you are right, I grab the furtherest stall away from anyone else. Why wouldn’t everyone else? I would leave and then flush EVERY tiolet in the vicinity!

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