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welcome to spring. FINALLY!


it’s friday and my brain is fried. but it’s finally beginning to feel like spring!! here’s a happy week-in-review:

  • i didn’t feel well on saturday so i took my long run on sunday. i was really missing my mom and was worried my run would be a disaster. but on the contrary, it was perfection. the entire 13 miles felt effortless – i kept the pace easy (8:30 average), stayed around the house/used the trails, so i was mostly by myself and didn’t have any traffic lights to worry about like i do when i’m downtown. and it was just…exactly what i needed.
  • because i shifted my long to sunday, which is normally a rest day, i then proceeded to my four consecutive M-Th runs. it’s a deload week for me so they were all 4- and 5-milers, easy pace. but the fact that i ran 30 miles in five days was a bit much.
  • i PRed my front squat today – 1RM, 105#. i had never actually attempted to max it before, so it was fun to see where i stand. since i can front squat 105, i feel like i should definitely see a 135# back squat in the semi-near future.
  • got my taxes done yesterday. thanks to direct deposit, i’ll be $2,300 richer in approximately 10 business days.
  • i finally did 5 consecutive pull-ups. parallel grip. conventional is way harder for me, but it’ll come.
  • i handed in one of my four final projects on tuesday – three weeks early. so glad to get it off my plate!
  • we have 3 weeks of classes left. which means:
    • i give 2 more quizzes in my AS class
    • i give 1 more mini-quiz and 2 more exams in my WT class
    • there are only 3 more tuesdays left where i have to get up at 4:45am and not get home until 8:30pm
    • i am fifteen class days away from having survived my first year of doctoral coursework

i have three posts in draft form right now, half-written because they sound way better in my head than down in words. maybe this weekend i’ll make one of them coherent.

oh, and my roommate told me i have “dinosaur feet.” not gonna lie…he’s pretty accurate.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

5 thoughts on “welcome to spring. FINALLY!

  1. Hurray Spring! It sounds like a pretty productive week! Good for you! Great job on your squats…and your annual bonus is coming from the Fed. government. It looks like a nice one..have fun!

  2. You’re so strong! Oh how I’d love to be there, but I think my bones are too old.

    • hehe thanks! my lifts have been a lot of fun for me this semester, it’s a new kind of playtime that i’ve really enjoyed! i’m looking forward to the summer and not being so crunched for time at the gym.

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