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pack up; move on.


generally speaking, moving is a massive pain in the ass. even when you’re excited to be moving to a new place…it’s still a pain in the ass. come the end of the month, i’ll have moved twice in less than a year. did i mention moving is massive pain in the ass?


there is something somewhat therapeutic, almost cathartic, about packing. i have a trunk full of things to bring to goodwill; nine months ago when i moved i had another trunk full of things to bring to goodwill. i haven’t acquired that much stuff in those 9 months; i just think that every time i move, i consolidate more, realize i need less.

one thing i’m getting rid of as i move this time around – and this pains me to even put it in writing – is my beloved collection of heels.

i love cute crazy shoes. love them. and my mom, for every birthday, holiday, or jenn’s-coming-home-to-visit day, would manage to find me the cutest pair of pumps, peep-toes, t-straps…you name it.

sadly, i have two things working against me and making it damn near impossible to make any of these shoes happen.


reason #1: elephantitis of the foot. that heinous bone spur on the side of my foot makes fitting it into pumps…well, pretty much impossible. i struggle to get it into flexible flats some days!

knee scar

reason #2: that time i had knee surgery. although i trust the joint about 95% now, i also recognize that i have fallen off my own flip-flops before. pre-surgery, stone sober. when i think about the possibility of re-injuring myself and needing another surgery because of my choice of footwear…i can’t bring myself to risk it.

so, then, i’ll be bringing some of my favorite shoes to goodwill this afternoon.

Photo 82 Photo 86

it hurt my elephantitis (and my blisters) just to take these pictures. and i seriously cannot wait to get my camera back when i go home. taking these with photobooth/contorting my mac took way longer than i care to admit.

so here’s to a new chapter. a chapter of adventure, of grace under pressure, and of growth.

and one full of running shoes and ballet flats.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

8 thoughts on “pack up; move on.

  1. Moving IS a pain! We took so many loads to Goodwill. The store here in Indiana is massive and I have found some cool treasures that I didn’t need. :). Giving up shoes is the hardest…no doubt about it. Stay strong.

    • yea lexington has tons of goodwills! and even better, a dropbox in the parking lot of the kroger where i shop, so i’m going to just drop a bunch of things off this afternoon on my way home from the grocery store. hopefully this’ll be my last move for a while!

  2. They are some great looking shoes Jenn. So sorry…I can really appreciate that bone spur and the discomfort involved too. I think it is bigger than mine. I imagine they make cute crazy shoes in flat or small heels. You’ll find them I am sure. Oh, speaking of hemorrhoids, moving IS a major pain in the arse! Good luck!

    • it’s funny, just looking at the first shoe picture i can see what an unnatural angle it puts on my foot anyway – i’m probably better off not wearing them, bone spur or not! and now that it’s spring/summer i’ll be living in flip-flops until labor day. : )

  3. I feel your loss. I have been demoted to one pair of running shoes (Asics, which I realize will make you sqwick, but it’s what I was told to buy). So I have a closet full of heels, boots, etc, which I couldn’t get on if I wanted to. And OH how I want to!

    • BAHAHA i appreciate that you recognize my asics aversion.

      yea i definitely loved me some fancy heels. hartt’s campus was so small i could walk to class and rehearsal, spend all day in heels, and be fine. now just thinking about it makes my feet hurt.

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