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i may have fallen off the radar a little bit! but here’s the scoop, in review:

  • i signed a lease yesterday for a new apartment. after work i moved a carload of my crap over there. it’s a 1BR, so it seems cavernous right now because i don’t have enough stuff to fill it.
  • as much as i would like to make this entire move happen this weekend, and as much as i like to think i’m wonderwoman, just because i can deadlift 200# doesn’t mean i can get my bed and desk (a) down the stairs of my current abode and (b) up the stairs of my new place. thus, i’m biting the bullet and hiring movers.
  • this sucks, but i’m trying to look at it as a (very expensive) adventure.
  • at a quarter to nine tonight when i was finally driving home, i realized that i hadn’t eaten nearly enough today to constitute moving and running a 15-miler tomorrow. so i took myself to qdoba and proceeded to inhale a burrito. problem solved.
  • tomorrow is my last long run before the derby half.
  • i did mile repeats on wednesday and my splits were 6:47, 6:45, 6:42. wut.
  • i also push pressed 70# x 3 this morning. twice.
  • i’m waking up early tomorrow to pack and then go back to the new apartment to unpack and organize. long run in the afternoon. and maybe sometime this weekend i’ll remember the part about me being a student and needing to finish my final projects. because…that too.

i just ate a burrito the size of my head. i think it’s bed time.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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