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thoughts before moving.


when i was on the phone with my grandma on friday, telling her about my move, she made me promise that i would get movers to handle the larger items. she knows i’m stubborn and like to pretend i’m wonderwoman, you see. so true to my word, i hired some movers to get my bed, box spring, desk, and bookcase from current place to new apartment safely. they’re coming tomorrow at twelve, and thus i will be officially relocated by the afternoon!

i moved a trunk-load of stuff over on friday, went to the dollar tree to buy some things (shower curtain rings, shower liner, dishcloths, etc…), and yesterday got up before the sun to pack some more. it took maybe a dozen trips to get everything else into my car, and then i drove over and made said dozen trips back up to my new apartment. (second floor coming and going. of course.)

i then put on some music and spent the next three hours unpacking and organizing the kitchen (nine gazillion cupboards…what do i put in them all?!) and the bathroom (i hate putting shower curtains up). i opted for blue in the bathroom, red and black in the kitchen.

i put together my awesome wire cube organizer shelf thingee, and put two whole items on it.


i don’t know why, but i find these incredibly calming to assemble. something about everything locking into place and being all straight lines and right angles.

i didn’t do much in the bedroom except unpack and hang up all of my clothes (there is a HUGE closet and a walk-in closet…again, what do i put in them?!). i wanted to keep the space clear for the mover dudes tomorrow. ditto the living room. although, the only thing i have to put in there as of right now is, indeed, my desk/bookshelf combo.

the space is way bigger than i’m used to – 550 square feet and i swear every time i turned around i discovered another closet. i’m not in any hurry to fill it with random crap, but i would like to maybe get a nice chair, or even a little table and a pair of chairs.

the only real “necessities” i have yet to acquire are a trash can and a skillet. i’m sure i’ll think of more things as time goes on. i should probably get a lamp or two, as the lighting isn’t the greatest.

i feel like i’ll spend a lot of the summer bargain hunting and thrifting. which is fine, i have a 15-month lease and i’m in no hurry. i would like to feel completely settled by the start of the fall semester though.

i bought nails so i’ll actually hang my damn medals up this time around – finally.

speaking of which, i’ll be getting another one of those in six days! i know race time is near because i’m starting to have the panicked nightmares. sleeping through my alarm is a common one. last night it was that i missed the finish line and got lost lol. my life.

and since i have to make everything into a game, i’m using this as a big ole adventure in “jenn learns to cook.” when i lived in my studio apartment during my master’s degree years, i did indeed cook daily, but mostly the same things – scrambled eggs and toast, red bean burritos, pasta. i would like to maybe learn to cook like an adult now. ya know, not eat PB&Honey sandwiches for lunch five days a week.

i have the entire summer. in the end it will be more cost-effective (not that PB&Honey is an expensive option, but huge bags of long grain rice are dirt cheap, as are eggs…if i can come up with a few dishes to make with those i’ll be set.) so if anyone has any favorite semi-easy (or just easy) recipes they’d like to share, send them along!!


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2 thoughts on “thoughts before moving.

  1. I hope the landlord will allow you to hammer nails into the walls. *smile*

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