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flashback! hair today, gone tomorrow…


a year ago today, i knew two very important things: (1) i was not getting married in october as we had planned, and (2) i was having surgery the first week of may. knowledge of those two items led to this decision, because (1) i no longer had to grow my hair out for my dream wedding style, and (2) on top of being unable to use my dominant leg for god-knows-how-long, i didn’t also want to deal with a mop full or hair.

which led to this:


becoming this:



and now, a year later, the fact that i can comfortably pull my hair into a semi-ponytail without needing 3957 bobby pins is a nice reminder that time passes…people change…we grow.

i was actually miserable in both of those photos. i was terrified of my first-ever surgery coming up, afraid of what it would mean for me athletically, if i would ever be the same in a physical capacity. my dad had just told me that he had given our dog away so that he could travel to see his girlfriend more just because. and even though k and i were back together after our (relationship k.o.d.) break, the writing was on the wall. the wedding was off and the relationship was on its way out.

so yes, i was pretty damn miserable.

and here we are, one year later. moving to a new place today. slowly clawing my way back from a couple of weeks of pure hell in the way of stress and anxiety. but all in all, life is good. or at the very least, it’s moving in a positive direction.

time passes. people change. we grow.




Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

2 thoughts on “flashback! hair today, gone tomorrow…

  1. I love the long hair, think it really looks great but I understand. I don’t know what kind of pace you were running pre-surgery but it seems like you have a really good pace now. I hope you have turned the corner on the ‘miserable’ from last year! We’re rooting for ya!.

    • thanks! i was actually scanning through some old photos and i do miss the long hair! i grow it out to donate every few years because it grows so quickly. so it’ll be long again soon enough! pace-wise…i’m probably faster in the short-haul now, but slower in the endurance runs. the true test will be at saturday’s half, i guess!

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