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as usual, i have three partially-written posts in my drafts and no energy or mental capacity to finish any of them right now, because they’re all relatively thought-provoking and emotion-laden.

instead, let’s talk about the fun stuff: training and running!!

i took my first post-race run yesterday, and it felt glorious. legs were a bit heavy – i had also done some light squats and deadlifts the day before though – and i kept it to 3 miles, easy pace. i was so glad to get out there again. and having trained for the derby forcing myself to calm down and run slower, and then smoking the race proper, i have much more trust in that training style now. i’ll spend the summer being okay with being slower on those easy days!

i’ve taken pretty much this entire week easy, training-wise. no big lifts; mostly high volume stuff.

and then last night i thought, “i want to do something different!” i only had an hour at the gym this morning because i was proctoring an exam for a colleague, so i had to get creative. which led to…jenn’s foray into a quasi-metcon/circuit.

Circuit A (3 rounds, 2:00 rest between rounds):
–> 15 wall balls (16# ball)
–> 10 burpees
–> 10 box jumps (18″ box)
–> 1:00 plank (with 10# plate on back)

Circuit B (3 rounds, 2:00 rest between rounds):
–> 65# front squat (10 reps)
–> 65# barbell row (10 reps)
–> 40# strict overhead press (10 reps)
–> parallel-grip pull-ups (3 reps)

thoughts upon completion: i’m obsessed. i love this kind of stuff and need to do it more frequently. the first circuit was mostly cardio and hip drive/leg power (with the wall balls and box jumps). i’ve never done box jumps before – like, ever – and i’m duly surprised i didn’t faceplant at least once.

the second circuit was barbell movement-focused. the OHPs were supposed to be clean and presses, but i was arching my lower back a ton so i just made them into OHPs, and they felt super light. so next time if i do this i’ll just stay in the squat rack, pull the plates off the bar i use for the other two, and OHP an open bar.

i did high-incline ‘mill walking for 5 minutes before and after, and the whole thing took me about 45 minutes. i was wiped out and sweating like crazy.

this summer i’m going to revamp my training a bit. i want to focus more on high-rep, hypertrophy-type lifting (with some max days thrown in because…max days) and developing more power. i’m strong, just not very explosive. hence the box jumps today. also incorporating hill sprints once a week and 800s should helps develop some hip drive and more explosive legs.

i’m going to run some shorter races this summer – a 10k in july here in lexington, and maybe a 5k or two. i’d like to still keep a long run day, but it’ll probably be a 10-mile max.

anyone have any other suggestions? favorite circuits or exercises you might throw into a circuit?

ETA: also, here are some gems from saturday’s race. i updated my racing page and included one, but the best shots will be below…


exhibit a: finish line. i almost don’t look like i’m about to puke. almost.


exhibit b: ca we just look at the dude in front of me for a hot second?! there are no fewer than a dozen finish line shots where he completely blocked my face/body because he threw his arms up as he crossed the line. what we see here is immediately post-arm-throw. so while i’m flailing int he background…he looks like an irish step dancer.


exhibit c: and finally…i am a short person. however, when the camera manages to catch me JUST as i’m rebounding from the pavement, i instantaneously shrink another 6 inches, rendering me the spitting image of a weeble. a weeble in pink sneakers, with a sickled back foot.


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