becoming infinite

always learning. always growing. always lifting heavy things.

i’m writing this from hell.


no, really.

this new training cycle? it better make me jacked. or ripped. or look like DLB. or run a sub-45:00 10k in july. or something. because i am so unbelievably sore.

first off, since i won’t be maxing/lifting heavy singles for the next 8 weeks, dumbass here figured, ‘let’s max my squat and deadlift on sunday!’

pro tip: don’t do that in your life ever.

(as a side note, my squat 1RM is 130# (barf) and my deadlift is 205#. i failed my first attempt at 205, and got super riled for the second one. unlike my 200# pull from a few months ago – which was ugly and technically illegal due to some serious hitching/ramping – this one was clean and i even held it at the top for a few seconds after i locked out. i probably had a 210 or 215 in me, but i called it a day.)

it goes without saying that i felt like i got hit by a bus yesterday morning. and yesterday i also started my new training cycle. lighter weights, high volume. i did chest and bis/tris.

today was metcons and hill sprints. all while feeling like my pecs and anterior delts were falling off due to yesterday.

i have since died and am writing this from hell.

also – i went to the doctor yesterday because i had this skin tag that had suddenly started to look funny. she just lopped it off, and then it proceeded to not stop bleeding. and now i have a hole in my boob. and i benched after that haha.

i am in possession of the scores to all 9 beethoven symphonies, and recordings of all but nos. 4 and 7 (the CD didn’t work – boooo). heading home now to get down to business.

also, windstream is incompetent and i won’t have internet until next friday. i don’t even know.

this has been a post.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

2 thoughts on “i’m writing this from hell.

  1. Dude… be careful doing things with that boob! I’m currently on my third round of hefty antibiotics for a staph infection in one of mine. I don’t recommend it.

    Also, welcome to Hell. I’d have been there with the welcoming committee, but I was busy telling Lucifer what to do and how to do it. (OMG I’m not right.)

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