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sunday funday? we’ll just see.

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first off – look who has bright shiny new interwebs!!!

it should be noted that: (a) windstream yet again cancelled my installation, which was supposed to be this past friday, without the courtesy to tell me ahead of time; (b) when i called, fuming, i was also told that, due to some technical issue we need to get the technician and the equipment blah blah blah they had ZERO timeline. like…no idea whatsoever when i might, some day, be graced with their service. so (c) i called insight and they came by that night and installed everything i needed. 15$ more a month than windstream, but you know what? customer service says a lot. that’s not to say that the CS reps at windstream weren’t very kind and professional – on the contrary, they were all (and i have talked to about a dozen of them in the past four weeks) extremely nice. however, whatever jackasses they have working in the other departments really need to get it together.

end result: i have interwebs. finally. and the first thing i did was pay all of my bills haha – i wasn’t about to go throwing my credit card and checking account information into the Starbucks wifi bubble.

one thing i also did this morning? buy myself a birfday gift! in reality, i think my actual gift to myself is going to be a new pair of running shoes. both of my saucs have about 250 miles on them, and although they’re holding up really well, i usually kill shoes by the 300-mile mark. i’m tempted to go try on the brooks ravenna 4s, but…i love my guide 6s, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

but anyhoo. ebates (have you heard of ebates? do you use it? because you should!) was having a 14% cash back special on a bunch of stores, including old navy. so i derped around on their website for a while. i refrained from buying any of the pretty wrap dresses and/or sports tops, because generally i need to try things on because of my aggressively large traps and shoulders haha. so instead i stayed with the basics:

ON top

i love long-sleeved crew neck tops. this one is in a dark charcoal color, which is a nice subtle shift from everyday black. i also really like the pants the model’s wearing, but i refrained from scouting out the colored denim. for now.

the top was 9$ on sale, with 15% off for some online-only promo. so it came to 7.65$. and then, since mine are all falling apart (literally, one of them snapped while i was walking), i got myself two pairs of basic ON flip-flops. black (my mom stole my other black ones two summers ago, and after she died i stole them back but just kind of keep them/don’t wear them) and a nice obnoxious salmon color. because i can’t NOT buy at least one obnoxious item!

total damage, once shipping and taxes were factored in? under 21$. my 14% cash back from ebates means it’ll hit me for under twenty bucks. my dad teases me for being so “cheap” (i prefer to call it frugal haha) but…i’m a full-time student who has also managed to amass 11K in savings in the past few years. i must be doing something right. so there.

it’s long run day for me, and i’m subbing a yoga class at two. and then i’m having an interwebs extravanganza when i get home!! downloading new music for cycling and yoga classes, browsing some websites for ideas for gentle yoga flows (i’m teaching gentle classes twice a week for the summer rather than my usual power – it’s terrifying haha), and planning out this week’s lifts and metcons.

and eating ice pops, because i bought those and it’s summer and i can.


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One thought on “sunday funday? we’ll just see.

  1. First, lets toast to summer’s here and icy pops! Second, glad you got your Internet wrapped up so quickly. Lets toast to how bad moving sucks! Third, Happy Birthday! The next round is on me too! Running shoes? Its hard to give away old fav’s but don’t let them mess up your arch or your shins. You’ll pop yourself in the head as should have known better. 🙂 ~ Happy Monday!

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