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well my birfday week is almost over! i had to have a very important conversation with my UPS delivery man today.

**knock knock**
UPS man: Hello again! (third day in a row I have gotten a package)
Me: Hi. (sign my name)
Me: Just for the record – I don’t have an online shopping problem. It was my birthday this week and I got some gifts. My family lives far away. …Just wanted to clear that up.

he didn’t need to know that three of the four packages I received in those three days, I bought myself. however, i am now the proud owner of the old navy items i babbled about here,

a shiny new pair of running shoes (courtesy of dad),

borthday saucs

and a camelbak to prevent long run dehydration for the summer!

51TRnZQbWDL._camelbak-charm-50-oz-hydration-pack-blue-shadow-dream-blue,0,0,0,0,arial,0,0,0,0_SX500_the camelbak was dirt cheap on amazon. the other colors were way cooler, but way pricier. so i had to tame my love of neon in the name of fiscal responsibility.

took the saucs for a test drive today, and they survived an easy 2-miler plus 7 rounds of hill sprints. my legs…not so much.

i put way too many onions in my eggs and now i have a tummy ache.

i watched this australian indie film last night and…hot damn. indie films have a way of burning themselves into your mental retinas, for better or for worse. this one was highly disturbing, but quite well done.

it’s pretty much the weekend. which means: playlist-buildin’, lift plannin’, and grocery shoppin’. the IFBB NY Pro is also this weekend, and CrossFit regionals are under way, so i have many live streams to occupy my downtime.

(side note/secret: i sort of want to do a figure competition. because i’m competitive and the workouts would be killer. but the whole ‘extreme diet’ thing makes me think that it’s a terrible idea for me, and that i might punch somebody in the face when my carbs get into the single digits right before the show. plus, i can’t walk in heels.)

this has been a random friday post. and no, i’m not drinking. although, now that you mention it, that does sound like a good idea…



Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

4 thoughts on “TGI(f-ing)F!

  1. The Sauco’s look pretty great! Do they make you faster? I think you would be great in the figure category cause your tenacity is second to none. But you are right, if it starts messing with our moods is it worth it? I can lift my brains out (figuritively) and come home in a good mood as I chose to eat anything I want. ..and I feel good about that. If there was a competition based solely on sharp looking ankles in a flashy pair of sneaks you have nailed it already girl! 🙂

    • for a stability shoe, these are suuuuuper light – which is why i’m surprised they’ve held on for going on 300 miles per pair. when i first switched to them i felt like i was flying! now i rely on bright colored models to help me feel speedy haha. and yea, i keep going back and forth about competing. what i would *really* like to do is compete in powerlifting. but either that or figure involves finding a coach, and would probably mean i would have to switch gyms…and since right now i coach myself at UK’s gym for free money, that would be a tough sell haha. maybe some day!

  2. I think a figure contest would be fun! I’m not sure If i’ll ever do one…but I agree the crazy diet thing sounds ridiculous. I work with a body builder (a guy) and he was on a really strict diet for over a month.

    • yea i work with a guy who’s on a pretty strict bodybuilding diet, too, and i just…i would punch somebody if they even suggested i only eat 20g of carbs a day.

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