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a camelbak, a bro tank, and a noodle.


i spent the bulk of my downtime this weekend watching either the IFBB New York Pro or Week 2 of the CrossFit Regional competition. which, cumulatively, has led me to one overarching conclusion: i am a noodle.

to counteract my feeling of noodle-ness, then, i went ahead and took the one actual t-shirt i have (all of my other shirts are technical shirts from races – i avoid cotton t-shirts like the plague) and bro-tanked it. in a slightly more tasteful manner than guys can get away with.

bro tank 1nothing says “bro tank” like a day-glo sports bra.

bro tank 2…still a noodle. damn.

especially appropriate because i had what my friend jokingly calls my “bro day” split today – chest, bis, and tris. and i squat. and it was all glorious, and my armpits felt so free and liberated.

i took my camelbak out for its debut run yesterday, and let me tell ya – that thing is going to be a godsend for the summer. however…i do look just a liiiiitle bit oddball. between the camelbak, which i tie off around my torso with the extra tails from the shoulder straps to keep the pack from slipping, and the ipod and the garmin (and the scooby snacks stuffed in my bra)…i’m a sight to behold for sure.

Photo 87it wasn’t even too terribly hot, but i was long-term dehydrated from the day before and the run itself was kind of crappy. i have pretty crappy places to run in my new neighborhood – it’s constant out-and-backs, which i hate. plus my sports bra bled pink ink all over my shirt and my camelbak. lame!

it was definitely worth the 27$ splurge though. it’s lightweight, had just enough water for my run – and i didn’t fill it all the way, so it’ll be good for longer runs too – and the bite-and-sip straw is pretty freaking cool.

Photo 89it’s so cool i did a little dance. still a noodle.

i hope everyone is having an extraordinary weekend! long weekends are the best…until that first morning back to the grind comes along!


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

2 thoughts on “a camelbak, a bro tank, and a noodle.

  1. Yep, you’re noodle…its confirmed. So I can’t get away with the customized bro tank, huh? Its no wonder people have pointed and laughed. Have a great week Je….Noodle

    • bro tanks for everyone!! i need to tweak mine so that you can see my tattoo…no sense in having a bro tank if the rib tat is hidden! …i am a noodle for life.

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