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oh, hey – it’s june.


when did that happen?!

the last week of may brought me an ass-kicking tempo run (5 miles total, middle 3 being tempo. goal pace of 7:34; splits 7:23, 7:20, 7:15 – outdoors, and for the first time this cycle i didn’t hit a light until the final mile. i feel like i’m learning my legs more and more every time i take a speed workout outside/off the treadmill).

after said tempo run i had about 90 minutes to kill before i subbed a cycling class. so in my imminent wisdom, i stripped off my shirt and collapsed into a sweaty heap sat delicately on the lawn outside of the gym. i of course fell asleep, and that 11am cat-nap led to:


hi my name is jenn and i’m PALE. and even though the rest of my body had gotten quite tan from running my belly had not actually seen the sun yet. soooo…exhibit a.

whomp whomp.

more fitness thoughts: i’m finishing up Week 4 of my training cycle/new lifting plan. i know i shouldn’t expect to see results yet (as far as my new lifting plan/wanting to get more size), but i’m going to tweak what i’m doing a bit anyhow. namely, more compound movements and actually training my legs in earnest at least once a week. i’m not as serious about my running plan for this race, so i don’t have to be as concerned about smoking my legs on a lift.

this is Project: Stop Being a Noodle. welcome to the ride! (in honor of P:SBAN i may have had a 4-egg omelet with cheese and two chopped up turkey burgers for breakfast. and toast. don’t judge.)


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

7 thoughts on “oh, hey – it’s june.

  1. Sorry to see that sun burn 😦 I have the same issue whenever I lay out in the sun,nothing but getting red like a lobster. Keep up the great work and best of luck with everything 🙂

    • aw thanks!! yea i generally just burn – i’m tan on my arms and legs from running, since i’m only outside for small increments every day. but that was my belly’s first exposure of the season haha – it didn’t end well! thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. Seriously Noodle, you should of had the bacon with that lumberjack breakfast instead of after your run! Do you think innocent passer-by’ers could smell your bacon cooking? The only thing better than the smell of bacon might be coconut tanning lotion. 🙂 I hope its OK tonight and ougghh bent over for an hour sweating in a spinning class? And GREAT time on those splits! pretty impressive!

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