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playlists, blisters, and why i might be dead by morning.


i’m in the process of making a playlist for tomorrow’s cycling class. i’m subbing for another instructor on tuesday and thursday of this week, also at 6:30am, so they’re getting my monday and wednesday playlists’ sloppy seconds.

(i hate making playlists.)

had my long run today, and this one went much better than the past few ones had gone. temps were in the low 70s and it was overcast the entire time – aka, awesome running weather! my legs feel good; my feet are a hot mess though. i think it might be time to retire the pair of shoes i wore today – they just hit 275 miles with today’s 10. the stability and support still seem to be fine; the blistering is noooot okay though. i’ll keep them in my rotation for shorter run days for now. i usually kill shoes around the 300-mile mark anyway, so they’re right on time!

lastly – we all know that i moved relatively recently. i didn’t talk about it much here, for several reasons, but let me sum it up quickly:

  1. having 3 weeks to suddenly pack up your shit and move to a new place sucks.
  2. the suckiness is exponentially worse when it happens to be the end of the semester, which brings with it final projects, tons of grading, and for me, a half marathon.
  3. trying to find a place offering leases in april, in a college town, is mother efffing impossible. because – shocker – 99% of the leases in this town run from august 1 – july 31.
  4. since i was on the verge of homelessness, i signed a lease for this incredibly cheap 1-bedroom. it’s a ton of space, seemed nice enough, waaaay cheaper than i was paying before…and when the internet provider came to install me wifi, he took one look at me and said, “ma’am, you seem like a real nice lady…you know you’re livin’ in the hood, right?”

so yes, the reason why my rent is dirt cheap is because i live in probably the worst part of the city. which, honestly, doesn’t bother me so much – i don’t feel unsafe, i have renter’s insurance just in case, and it’s not like i have children to raise or anything.

but what i do mind is the fact that there was a plethora of cockroaches who preceded me in their occupancy of the space. now i know that i’m living in a multi-unit building, and that it’s bound to happen, blah blah blah. however. i hate bugs. like…HATE hate bugs. i am more terrified of a cockroach than i am of getting mugged while walking to my car in the dark on my way to work.

two years ago, in my last apartment, when the guy next door to me moved out the landlord re-did his kitchen cabinets. and as soon as they started ripping shit out, they scared all of the bugs over to my place. (how kind.) and i learned quite quickly the power of boric acid in getting rid of bugs.

which is why i ordered two pounds of it and amazon brought it to my doorstep on friday.

if you’ve never had the pleasure of needing to de-bug your living space with this stuff, it’s a very fine blue powder that you put along your baseboards and around drains/pipe openings. it’s non-repellant, so the bugs tromp right through it, but then later when they’re cleaning themselves off (does anybody else find it weird that roaches preen themselves? like…you’re a fucking ROACH. why do you give a shit if your antennae are clean, you are the epitome of disgusting creatures.) they ingest it and it kills them. and then, since roaches are cannibals (again – the epitome of disgusting creatures), boric acid is the gift that keeps on giving.

so my boric acid came on friday, and i immediately got to work playing pest control. i took a plastic bag, cut the corner off, filled the bag with boric acid, and used it kind of like a pastry bag. since my apartment is so well-built (gag), throughout most of the rooms there is a good quarter inch between the bottom of the baseboard and the actual floor. but this makes it super-easy to just pop the open corner of my bag in the space and shoot a cloud of boric acid under/behind my walls. which, we all know, is where the little bastards live.

so i did that on friday, all through my kitchen and living area. i put some behind my stove, my fridge, in drawers that don’t contain utensils, and all the fuck over my top shelves because i can’t actually reach them and thus have nothing actually on them.

except blue fairy dust.

and then here comes this morning. haven’t seen any critters in the kitchen, feeling slightly less jumpy. i open up my desk drawer to get an envelope and a fucking bug is crawling on my post-its. so i (a) scream like a goddamn girl, (b) burst into tears, and (c) wage round two of boric acid dusting. i hadn’t been too intent on the baseboards outside of the kitchen area, but i spent an hour this morning putting that shit everywhere.

and in the process i’m sure i inhaled way over the recommended amount to be safely inhaled by an adult.

which is why i might be dead by morning.

the lesson in all of this is: always live by yourself so you never find out that you have 3 weeks to move and then end up having to sign a lease for a shitty apartment with bugs.

you’re welcome.


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