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post-trip post.


i got back to lexington this morning (5am flights – do not recommend). i’m exhausted, physically and mentally.

it was wonderful to see my uncles and their friends whom i met when i was down for new years, but my grandmother isn’t well and it breaks my heart. there’s not a whole lot i can think of to say outside of that.

grief presents itself to us in many different ways. my mom’s death was so sudden – one minute we were e-mailing back and forth about the weather and the dog; the next, she was gone – and it hit me like a freight train. but this…this is something wholly different, and painful and heartwrenching in new ways.

i don’t have a whole lot to say. i go back to work tomorrow – 630am spin class, 730am yoga. going to do some light squats, non-BB chest (benching with coach on friday), and some dippy accessory work.

and then i’m going to go to starbucks and write down every memory of my grandmother i can grasp, before they slip away like smoke.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

2 thoughts on “post-trip post.

  1. I’m really sorry about your grandma. I had met just one grandma, and that was when I was 6, then we immigrated here to the US. When we left the Philippines and said goodbye to her, that was the last time we saw her. She died one year after.

    • thank you – and i’m sorry for your grandma, too! it’s a tough time for the family; i’m glad i was able to spend the week with her though, as hard as it was to see her so unwell.

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