becoming infinite

always learning. always growing. always lifting heavy things.

a clarification:

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while i am still most definitely a noodle, squatting 4x a week for the twelve days i was home put a whopping inch and a half on my ass.

brb, putting all of my jeans in a storage bin until i decide to switch back to distance running. until then, i’m apparently on the gain train!

(10 weeks till my meet. i’m already so excited i might pee. and i’m strategically ignoring the fact that it’s biting a huge chunk out of my savings. we also decided i’m going to just keep eating big and lifting heavy, and then about 6 weeks out we’ll look at my weight and decide if i’m within cutting distance of the 56kg class or if i’m going to lift as a 60kg. until then…eating all the eggs and tuna!)


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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