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fall 2013: compartmentalizing and finding balance.


the semester began officially on wednesday. by friday afternoon i needed an energy drink to make it through training.

it’s gonna be a rough ride from here till december 20th, guys.

however, i’m trying something new this term: compartmentalizing. as much as i can, i’m going to try and keep school/TA duties on campus (at the office and in the libraries) or at coffee shops, training at the gyms (except for watching youtube videos of boss lifters, of course!), and thus keep home free for eating, relaxing, and blogging.

this will serve two purposes (i hope):

1. it will make it easier for me to sleep. last year i didn’t have these boundaries and every night when i would try to fall asleep it would take forever because my mind would still be whirring about the quizzes i had just graded or the article i had read but wanted to go over again. hopefully if i train myself to think home = rest, i’ll sleep better. and

2. i’ll be more productive with my actual work. if i know that when i get home i can take off my pants and lay in bed eating pop-tarts and watching youtube, i’ll be able to focus better while i’m on campus to get my shit done so that it can stay there.

so far it’s working well enough! it means the trunk of my car is consistently full of all five of my binders, but i’ll always be prepared!

i can tell i’m going to be challenged a lot this term, as a student and as a teacher. i’m looking forward to everything i’ve got going on, as opposed to last year when i dreaded half of my classes.

and of course i have training. i have a more in-depth post in the works about how lifting has been going and my thoughts on PL as a sport and as a sport for me, but since that’s not ready yet…here’s a video of my squatting with chains on friday.

this is also the media debut of my lovely new inzer belt. plus, i’m really pleased with my squat progress. no more butt wink!!


Author: jenn

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5 thoughts on “fall 2013: compartmentalizing and finding balance.

  1. Dang girl, That is a deep squat! Nicely done. Great form. Not to be funky but what is with the chains? I say this as I saw some one at the gym last week with those same chains on on a barbell doing bench presses. I have never seen that before.

    • thanks! my form has improved SO much since i started with my coach!

      chains are a way to mess with resistance. when you load the bar up and unrack, it’s suuuuper heavy. as soon as you start your descent, though, the chains start piling onto the ground. by the time you hit the bottom position, it’s really light in comparison. you get a good bounce out, and then as you extend towards lockout and the chains lengthen, the weight increases.

      basically i tend to fail a squat in that midway point between bottom and lockout. so chains force me to keep grinding it out because it gets tougher and tougher as i get closer to the end of the movement.

      they’re also just kinda fun because they make lots of noise. : )

  2. Oh, wow ! ! How heavy is that?

    • it’s kind of hard to say because the chains are always changing depending on depth. the bar and plate weight is 115#, and the chains are 240# total. so at its heaviest it’s not quite 355#, since the chains are already on the ground somewhat. in the bottom of the squat it’s probably about 150#. : )

  3. How are you? You haven’t updated in a while. Hope all is well xx

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