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the obligatory airport post.


as always seems to happen when i fly out of lexington, i made it through security in 3 minutes (NOT complaining!) and now i have an hour and a half to chill and enjoy free wi-fi.

and as always seems to happen when i have an hour and a half to chill with free wi-fi and no grading or papers to write(!!) i shall blog instead.

2012 was a year of heartache. mom’s passing, my fiancee calling it quits, and then i had to have this little surgery.

2013 has been, largely, a year of healing. in the most literal sense, my bionic knee has slooooooowly been working its way back to normal (even though it will always be a bit crunchy). i even ran a sub-8:00 pace half marathon!

when my grandmother got sick, i started crying on may 1st and pretty much didn’t stop until after the funeral two months later. losing her not only broke my heart, but in a way i grieved twice – for her as well as for my mom. when mom died i was so busy being strong, being graceful, being in shock let’s be honest…that i didn’t leave myself room to grieve. so when i knew i was losing my grandmother, the floodgates opened and 18 months’ worth of sadness got funneled into those eight weeks.

this is the year i finally realized that i don’t need my relationship back. i am more than okay on my own; i have everything i need in the people in my life right now.

and this is the year that i finally began to find myself and be okay with what i discovered.

oh, and this is the year i got strong. like, in the physical sense. if you’re reading this i could probably deadlift you, and maybe squat you too. i have two state records and just recently lost my top-10 national ranking in deadlift – which i full plan to recapture in april!

it has been a good year. i am grateful for my students, my faculty, my family, my friends.

wishing everyone a wonderful holiday – time for me to get on a plane!




Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

2 thoughts on “the obligatory airport post.

  1. Happy Holidays, and a Happy, peaceful , prosperous 2014 !

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