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project: going keto – preparing and pondering.

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i met with my coach today for a training session (more on that later – first time lifting in a week + high-rep squats = bambi legs) and told him about the shift to keto. he’s totally supportive, for a number of reasons:

  1. no more seizures would be A+ awesome,
  2. it’s a diet that is relatively in line with the sport, and
  3. we can always carb-cycle if i’m feeling especially shitty even after the “hump” of the first week or two, as my body adapts.

today, then, was Day One of P:GK. i’m sure it won’t start to get shitty until the fourth or fifth day, because today was pretty much a breeze. i should also add that my carb percentage is a little higher than recommended, because i’ll be pulling in about 30g of carbs before every workout. so on a day like today, my carbs were about 10% of my total intake; without the pre-workout carbs i would have been right in the target range for run-of-the-mill keto numbers.

it’s definitely going to be an adjustment, there’s no doubt about that. i had turkey bacon and eggs for breakfast, ground beef with some cheese for lunch, and two morningstar burgers, cheese, and some sunflowers for dinner, plus my pre-workout bar. it came to 48g of net carbs, 119g of fat (WUT), and 141g of protein.

honestly i feel great (minus the bambi legs). not hungry, not grumpy or shaky, not abnormal or unsatisfied…so far, so good!

and now, for training –

i start my meet prep a week from today. coach is writing my programming up, so i have this week to just get back into the grind and get my body readjusted, and then we hit it hard. today’s workout was just to get back into the swing of things.

i went into the gym early this morning to just do some suuuuper-light cardio, tons of foam rolling, some lat pulldowns to prep my middle back, and some open-bar bench and overhead work.

then this afternoon i met with my coach. we warmed up and then got on the squat train!

2×5 open bar1x5 @ 95#
1×5 @ 115#
3×5 @ 135#
2×8 @ 95#, every rep paused

we messed around a lot with bar placement, and i finally hit a groove on the last set. i routinely squat ATG, which is great for building strength, but we’re going to start shortening me up now that we’re in meet-mode. all i need to do is break parallel, so we’re going to focus on that.

after squats i did 3×8 GHRs (i hate these yikes), 18″ step-ups with a 30# DB 3×10/side, and then after we were done i did sled pushes up to 3 rounds @ 335#. i love sled pushes because they get my heart rate sky high and also get my hamstrings fired up and help build really explosive hips.

to say that i’m beat is understatement of the year. i have a mini-band “gift” from my coach to use throughout the week to get my glutes back into work-mode, and i need to work out a flared tendon in my forearm that has been giving me problems. i’m sure i’ll be sore as anything tomorrow, but it’s good to be back at it.

in summation, then – P:GK has officially begun and i haven’t punched anyone for a cookie yet, and i reunited with my beloved barbells today. stay tuned and all of that fun stuff!



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