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hi, new friends!


quite a few new folks have begun following me in the past few days, so i just wanted to give a nice big hello to all of you!! if you don’t feel like scrolling back into the bowels of my blog, the most pertinent (and ultimately useless) information is here, and i just made a brand new page here!

miraculously, i wasn’t rendered completely bed-ridden by yesterday’s return to squats. definitely sore, but manageable! i went in and did some overhead pressing and back work today. worked up to push press doubles at 85#. my seated DB shoulder presses were super-lame – 8, 6, and 6 reps with 30# DBs. most definitely lost some strength there, but my shoulders always build pretty quickly so i’m not too worried or discouraged! throw in some face pulls, kroc rows, and pull-ups and it was a good lift.

this morning i got my first taste (ha, ha) of keto carb cravings. i had just finished breakfast and was (a) still hungry and (b) craving something sweet. a large (LARGE) proportion of keto-friendly foods are savory (think eggs, cheese, meat). and i wanted something sweet, darn it! luckily (or not, as it happens) i had a low-carb yogurt left over from when i was cutting weight in october. the fact that it has been in my fridge for three months should tell you something. namely, they are not good.

but i was desperate and…well, it wasn’t good. blech.

but of course, this too shall pass, and the prospect of NO MORE SEIZURES continues to make this an enticing lifestyle change.

today’s P:GK moment: after much research and reading, i decided to try what i know will sound to you god-awful: butter in my coffee. you see, when you can’t eat things like pizza and pop-tarts (oh how i miss pop-tarts!!), it’s actually kind of difficult to get enough fat in to satisfy the keto macronutrient breakdown. i had read several articles and posts about adding butter to your coffee as a way to sneak in some extra fat. so here’s what i did:

i set my coffee pot up the way i normally would (i have a one-cup drip pot that i got for about 20$ last year – nothing fancy), and then threw a 1-tb. cube of butter in the bottom of my mug. brewed as usual. at this point, the butter is only partially melted and you have a literal oil slick on top of your coffee. i poured my oil slick-y coffee into my magic bullet, added heavy cream (stop gagging), and blended away for about 5 seconds.

what resulted was a frothy, creamy coffee-butter-cream concoction!

i will add that i NEED something sweet in my coffee, and i don’t routinely have sweetener around. so i added a tablespoon of coffeemate crème brûlée creamer that i had in the fridge from pre-holiday break, and it gave it just the right amount of sweetness (and there is room in my macros for some carbs, so i can make it work until i can get my paws on some stevia).

so there ya have it, folks. i’m fully aware how disgusting it sounds. but it’s keto-friendly and quite delicious!

another interesting P:GK thought: i was dreading (especially after the carb cravings hit) training today, and figured i would feel like shit. but on the contrary, i felt great, had high energy levels, and didn’t actually start to get hungry until i was on my way home, post-shower! i’ll admit i was relieved – nothing is worse than training hungry or being sluggish when you’re trying to move weight around!

on a completely different note, i just finished up an application for funding for a conference in march. one of my papers was accepted to the texas society for music theory’s annual conference (third time’s a charm – they rejected me in ’11 AND ’12!) so i’ll be flying to san antonio in just two months! i’ll be going funding or not, but it would be awesome if i got a little help. fingers crossed!!

now go try some buttered coffee!  : )


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impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

4 thoughts on “hi, new friends!

  1. I’ve recently started keto, so I’ll be tagging along to pick up some pointers!


    • awesome, welcome aboard! i’m only on my second day so i’m by no means a seasoned veteran, but i’ll definitely be posting about my thoughts and feelings as i keep trucking along! : )

  2. I hope you are doing good Jenn! You are inspiring…maybe everyone is figuring that out! 🙂 Have a great 2014!

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