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you know you’ve reached ketosis when…


you can smell how weird your pee and sweat smell, through your snot-laden plague.


so yea, i’ve definitely reached ketosis. which makes sense, according to the standard timeline. i started keto on friday, but had a slightly high carb intake for keto (although 48 net carbs would be the equivalent to death for me six months ago). but by this morning i was definitely, 100% sure that i had reached ketosis.

**cue shimmery music and rays of sunlight**

i was so damn sick yesterday that i had no appetite, and for the first time in my life could not hit my macros. i ended up making (brace yourselves) a heavy whipping cream and protein powder pudding concoction. not the worst thing i’ve ever had; not the best, either.

coach suggested i acquire a taste for avocado ASAP. (i hate avocado. blech.)

i was wondering how early morning training was going to feel without my usual pre-workout of oatmeal & pb. today was my experimental first attempt.

for starters, i wasn’t even super-hungry this morning (which is strange because [a] i barely hit my numbers yesterday, [b] i went to bed at 8pm, which was three hours after my protein pudding adventure, and didn’t get up until a little after 6am, and [c] i’m usually ready to devour the kitchen when i wake up), but the last thing i wanted was to start getting hungry in the middle of my squat workout.

soooo…i had four slices of bacon. A+ decision. didn’t feel hungry at all – it held through a car de-icing expedition, a workout, and a shower – and my apartment smelled like bacon-heaven when i got back four hours later!

as for the workout – i mentioned yesterday that my DOMS from friday’s squats was almost unbearable. it got a little better by this morning, and i went in, rowed for a few minutes to warm up, foam rolled (OW), and did some dynamic warm-up things. then it was time for squats!

i had planned a bunch of triples at 135# and some doubles at 155#, then pause squats at 95#. but the strangest damn thing happened. i’m used to being sore, but my right quad literally seized up and would not chill out. even just squatting with the bar was excruciating. i foam rolled after every set, i was kneading into my quad with my knuckles…nothing helped. so my workout ended up looking like this:

2×5 with the open bar
2×5 @ 95#
1×3 @115#
1×1 @135#

i was so annoyed, but more importantly i just didn’t want to aggravate something and have it lead to an injury. so i called it off after a nasty single.

on days that i squat i also do a ton of hamstring work, so i stayed in the rack for some good mornings. it hurt too much to get under the bar though (really?!) so i had to move the guides up a notch and stand on my tiptoes to unrack and rerack the thing.

my life.

then i did some conventional deficit pulls, and my leg was starting to feel a little better – i could at least bend my knees enough to reach the damn barbell. then some pull-ups and band pull-aparts and i huffed my way to the shower.

i don’t think this has anything to do with the diet change, honestly. i know carbs are important, but so is not taking a week off from any physical activity more taxing than playing with a miniature schnauzer. so i’m just going to chalk it up to a delayed reaction to heavy lifting following a hiatus, and also to the fact that my hams and glutes remain underdeveloped in comparison to my quads. the more i hammer those two muscle groups, the more i’ll be able to recruit them and not throw everything into the fronts of my legs.

so there ya have it, folks. my triumphant acquisition of ketosis and my not-so-triumphant squat workout. ya win some, ya lose some!


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

2 thoughts on “you know you’ve reached ketosis when…

  1. TMI? Nah, we’ve all gone through it! Nothing like a low carb, or a keto flu, huh? Looking good, the muscle tone will improve.

    • i just googled “keto flu” lol – it’s a thing! although i think i just have a regular joe cold (keto flu sounds much cooler though). runny nose, sore throat…my uncle was sick while i was down there and then i spent a day breathing in recycled airplane air. germ breeding ground!

      the transition, plague aside, seemed to go pretty smoothly though! never thought i’d be having bacon as pre-workout and a heavy cream/protein powder “mousse” as post, but…not too shabby!

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