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back to bench!

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today was my first time benching in about three weeks! i had my week off while i was in florida, and then prior to that i was at a gym at home that had a very squishy bench (i’m a diva haha). no really though – it’s damn near impossible to hold an arch on those things! so that last time i benched was my last monday in lexington (monday used to be my bench day), so…december 16th!

bench is a weird lift for me. in some ways it’s right up there with my deadlift as far as relative strength. i got an easy single at 135# the week after my meet, at about 126# body weight. yet i only posted a 110# bench at the meet itself – i struggle to produce when the chips are down.

(at my last meet i totally jacked up my bar path on my first attempt and it was the ugliest grinder ever, when it’s a weight i easily could press for a paused triple in the gym. then my second attempt got red-lighted because i hit the j-hooks (stupid t-rex arms) and my third attempt, because i completely ignored the “press” command.)

i know i have a good bench. i just need to believe it when the time comes.

anyhoo, since i hadn’t been under a barbell in almost a month, i kept it light today and made it more high-volume. everything felt pretty solid , and my bar path locked in quickly. i already have an obnoxious arch, and in my fed we don’t need to have flat feet (they just can’t move once the lift starts) so now that it’s meet prep time i’m going to really be focusing on digging those toes in and keeping my air.

eventually i’m going to have to get some wrist wraps i suppose, especially with this annoying injury/tendon inflammation. i never wear my belt on bench though – almost all male lifters do, and some females as well. i just find it really uncomfortable, between my arch and my short little torso.

today’s main lift work looked like this:

2×5 open bar
1×5 @ 65#
1×3 @ 75#
5×5 @ 95#
3×3 @ 105#

accessory work ensued (including pendlay rows, which are the equivalent of cardio), and then i did a metcon that quite nearly ended me:

5 rounds for time of:
10 STO (shoulders to overhead), open bar (45#)
10 push-ups
10 single-arm DB snatches, 30#

final time was 11:05. the first round and all of the subsequent DB snatches were unbroken. as always, started out way too fast. live and learn!

i still have a touch of the plague, but all of the sleeping i’ve been doing since i got sick has definitely helped usher it out.

i also finally got my hands on some stevia, so i tossed that in with my butter and cream today and blended up the most amazing, keto-friendly coffee drink! 10/10 would definitely recommend.

i also just submitted my haydn paper (the one that got accepted in texas and rejected by yale and indiana) to another conference, a regional one at ole miss. my liszt paper is also pretty solid but needs a lot of work before it’s conference ready. maybe i’ll find some ambition to brush it up by next year. maybe.

it’s supposed to steadily warm up and be in the high 50s by the weekend – no more de-icing!! YAY!


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