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return to deadlifting after 2 weeks + lots of heavy work + cold, dry air = no hands left. even with copious amounts of chalk. it’s not pretty. (since i’m in meet prep i’m going to try and only use straps when i’m doing light (50%ish) work at high reps, like when i do conventional deficits for sets of ten. other than that, i need to be working my grip strength.)

if we’re going to hammer away at one thing between now and april, it’s going to be my middle back. any pulls 225# and up, i get a great (flat back) first rep and then every rep after that is round-out city. and when i squat heavy, i hinge forward in the hole because my middle back can’t keep me upright and i fail lifts because i end up trying to do a heavy-ass good morning.

today was a little frustrating, then, but a killer lift regardless.

2×5 @ 135#
1×5 @ 155#
2×3 @ 185#
1×3 @ 205#
3×3 @ 225#
1×1 @ 245#
1×2, 1×1 @ 265#

the last three sets were belted. i was supposed to pull 3×2 at 265#, but the first double was no lie the ugliest shit on the planet. so i planned a single for the next set. and that was gross, too – i was just tapped out – so i called it.

and as a side note, sumo pulls from a deficit are awkward as hell.

3×1 @ 225#
3×2 @ 205#

all belted loosely. the last set felt the best – i think i was just excited to be almost done!

deads are by far my favorite lift, so i love deadlift day. but it is frustrating that i have that one glaring weakness in my middle back that is such a work in progress. also, i just suck at pulling for reps. give me singles any day!

i got into it with a guy at the gym today (shocking, i know). this man (and yes, he is a full-grown man, not a 19-year-old student) is like linus and his blanket – he seems to be incapable of re-racking any weight he touches. so when he goes from the bench to the incline bench to the smith machine (barf) to weighted reverse hypers, he leaves his shit everywhere. plates and collars still on the bar, dumbbells wherever he pleases. and it wasn’t just today, i watched this happen every other day for the entire summer as well.

very few things send me right over the edge, but blatant disrespect is one of them. and that, to me, when there are 9572549 signs all over the gym asking patrons to re-rack their weights, is blatantly disrespectful. nobody should have to clean up after you, man.

suffice to say it wasn’t pretty and my friend laughed through the entire thing. something about a 5’3″ peanut person in neon clothing chewing a grown man out apparently is humorous. -_-

therefore, to gym-goers everywhere: please practice proper gym etiquette and re-rack your weights!!


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