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week 1 on project: going keto


today – the last day of my first week of P:GK – i realized that, if it weren’t for the prospect of no more seizures, my first week of keto would have been my last. why? i. want. carbs. while i was driving home from the mechanic i was actually daydreaming about oreos and pizza and drinking a huge-ass cappuccino.

so the next person that asks me if i’m “trying to lean out” or “getting ripped,” i truly am going to have a good laugh. to me, these kind of cravings are 100% not worth it if the end goal isn’t something spec-fucking-tacular.

and let’s face it, no more seizures is definitely that.

today was also the first time since beginning keto that i’ve actually been continuously hungry. i woke up hungry, ate, taught, was hungry again, ate, and was still hungry when i got home, so i ate another snack…and then just said “to hell with it” and ate dessert because what does it matter if i have it now in five hours.

…and then i remembered that i deadlifted yesterday. deadlifts kick the shit out of me and also keep my metabolism revved for a good 24 hours afterward. hence my insatiable hunger today.

the good news is that once i make it through the first couple of weeks, i’m adding a carb-up day and it will be today. that made me feel a little better. (a little.)

so maybe today is a poor day for me to do my “first week” review, even though it is indeed the proper day to do it. but i’ll try and stifle my momentary oreo cravings and get right down to it:

  • in actuality, it’s really not that bad. it’s a low-volume way of eating, since things are so calorically dense, but as i said, today was the first time i actually felt hungry. there were a few times during the week when i had to force myself to eat because it was time but i still felt sated.
  • it’s a miracle i haven’t contracted salmonella yet from my first two attempts at making sausage. really though, should it be that difficult to cook them all the way through without burning the outsides? am i missing something??
  • although for me keto isn’t an aesthetic thing, i have noticed that my body is leaner and i’ve dropped about 1.5 kilos of weight this week. i’m sure it’s largely water weight, but there’s still a noticeable difference.
  • i am growing quite fond of my butter-coffee-cream concoctions. i will, however, miss being able to go to speedway or starbucks or wherever at any time during the day and get whatever coffee i please and have it be “okay.” i have a really intense french vanilla cappuccino/coffee mixture addiction during the academic year, courtesy of the speedway down the street from my office. it’ll be sad to be reduced to just once a week now!
  • the fact that they’re so sporadic makes this only marginally exciting, but i haven’t had any seizures or auras since beginning P:GK, so…definite plus!

and since i mentioned dessert, i figured i would share what i have found to be my go-to. i like this for two reasons: (1) it’s sweet and chocolatey!, and (2) it packs a nice protein punch.

pour about 1/4 c. heavy whipping cream into a bowl. add about half a scoop of protein powder of your choice (i use optimum nutrition gold standard whey in extreme milk chocolate). start to whisk the powder into the cream. continue adding protein powder until you have a complete scoop/serving. devour with a spoon.

welp, there ya have it! week one of Project: Going Keto is complete and i haven’t killed anybody for a brownie. i had some awesome lifts, and i get to squat heavy with coach tomorrow, so it’s all good and we’re moving forward – on to Week Two!

edit: the thought of eating any more meat or cheese made me want to cry and i still wanted something sweet, so i drove, in my PJs, to the store to get some diet root beer. i predict i will survive until the morrow.


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2 thoughts on “week 1 on project: going keto

  1. Congrats on week one! I’m more and more impressed with keto, not only for weight loss, but it’s profound impact on health overall. I’ve posted two posts this week about Keto’s impact on cancer and epilepsy. Pizza is the big one for me. Especially since it’s pizza night every Friday night at my house, and my kids love it. I can only look on. šŸ™‚

    • i used to eat pizza on fridays too! friday is my heavy squat day with my coach, and afterwards i would always go home and destroy a pizza. definitely missing that! once i have a carb-up window i think just mentally it’ll give me some relief, though. soon, soon!

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