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and so it begins! meet prep, Day One.

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coach sent me my programming this morning, and this afternoon we officially started my meet prep cycle.

i try to avoid taking “progress pics” because i don’t want to seem douche-y, but since my middle back is my weak link he has me hammering it in these first four weeks. and i’m kind of curious as to what the difference will be. so i maaaaay do a little “before and after” photo action, just for fun.

we did two cool things today: (1) narrowed my squat stance a hair. it took the pain out of my hip flexor, and when i thought about standing on the outsides of my feet, made the entire movement a lot more stable. and (2) coach actually called me when i got to depth. for competition, all you have to do is break parallel. i tend to squat full depth, and with a narrower stance that means a huuuuge range of motion. which is great for building strength, but not practical for competition prep.

the first time he called me i started laughing. it was literally 50% of my ROM. i mean, weights were flying – since i tend to get stuck in the hole; by only breaking parallel i in effect erased said hole and thus my sticking point.

it’ll take a lot of getting used to though. i can’t really “bounce” out of the hole like i’m accustomed to – or rather, i’m going to have to get acclimated to using that stretch reflex as soon as i switch directions, rather than just relying on “oh okay this is as deep as i can go because my butt is about to hit the platform.”

so what ended up happening was:

1×5 open bar
1×5 @ 95#
1×3 @ 115# (here’s where we narrowed my stance)
4×3, 1×8 @ 135# (last set was AMRAP)

i felt really good, really strong. had a pre-workout of monster zero (my fav!) and almonds. then we did some death marches, split squats, and speed sled pushes (6 rounds down and back, 155#, 30s rest between rounds). i’m beat!

i bench tomorrow, high volume. super-excited to get things rolling, get strong, and post some quality numbers in april!


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