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today was my first training day following my coach’s written program. initial reaction: holy volume!

as much as i love my Big Three, accessory work is where it’s at as far as nailing down and hammering out weaknesses. and this program has a ton of accessory work.

my main lift today was bench:

2×5 open bar
1×5 @ 65#
1×3 @ 85#
4×8 @ 95#
1×8 @ 100#

my working rep scheme was 5×8. the first four sets felt good – solid but by the eighth rep i was definitely working to keep my form – so i bumped up in weight for the last set. i have the same rep scheme next week, so i’ll start right in at 100# and see what happens.

then it was accessory work central: cable rows, pull-ups, and face pulls to get my upper back; incline DB bench press and skullcrushers to work “bench” muscles; some ab work at the end because i need to do core work every day i train. everything was in sets of 15 except the pull-ups, which were 10×2 with 45s rest between sets.

i am 100% beat up. but very very excited to see where this brings be in the next few months!

Photo 107awkward angle, awkward lighting, and super awkward face!!

P:GK continues on. having diet soda in the house has helped me not panic when i get a craving for something sweet. i also just need to be better about hydration in general (this is a life issue for me haha – i’m terrible about drinking water outside of the gym!), so that’s the next thing on my list.

once classes go into full swing next week, i’m going to have to come up with some ideas for easily-portable keto meals. if any of y’all have some tried and true ideas, lay ’em on me!

it has warmed up considerably in lexington, although it’s super grey and rainy today. i’m still missing my southern florida heat, but if my 5-year plan pans out the way i hope, i’ll be down there permanently before long!

happy weekend everyone!


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